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We are a group of Alchemists & Magi, who have spent many years perfecting our potions, elixirs, incenses, sigils and charms. We are now offering them to you. We also offer unusal gift and ritual items, handmade artisan pieces that are unique and created with love, care and great attention to detail.

The knowledge of Alchemy has been passed down in the underground stream for thousands of years. People tend to associate it purely with the medieval era, not realising that our families have been practising it since ancient times.

The Alchemical Salamander

The clue to the Children of the Serpent families or those with Dragon Blood, has always been the serpent, dragon or salamander. It is displayed on family coats of arms of those from this bloodline. Before you start thinking 'David Icke was right, they are shape-shifting reptiles!' I will explain.

The Salamander represents the Higher Self overcoming the lower animal nature; the awakening, evolution, progress, enlightenment, and salvation - this is the Philosopher's Stone. The stone has benefits, and is NOT limited to:

  • Illumination.
  • Lucid dreaming, astral travel.
  • Remote viewing.
  • Enter different trance states and levels of deep meditative relaxation at Will.
  • To be able to slow down your heart or speed it up at Will.
  • To be able to travel the astral planes whenever you want.
  • Inner knowing truth, peace and harmony.
  • Read others thoughts.
  • Pick up on different vibrations.
  • Precognitive dreams.
  • To know the past and the future.
  • To excel in your chosen field.
  • To be able to see the auras of others.
  • Telepathy.
  • Balanced chakras.
  • Kundalini awakening.
  • Gnosis & Sophia.
  • Full connection to Higher Self.
  • Tap into genetic memories.

It awakens your true potential, and you find the real you, the true you. The truth flows to you easily, you feel calm and at peace when you have the stone.

In alchemy, the salamander is a symbol of the sulphur (of the three principles, of sulphur, salt and mercury). A salamander lives in flames, as does the Philosophers Stone. As you must enter and be baptised by fire, and over come the fire, to gain the stone.

The salamander is mentioned in the Talmud (Hagiga 27a) as a creature that is a product of fire, and anyone who is smeared with its blood will be immune to harm from fire.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) wrote the following on the salamander: "This has no digestive organs, and gets no food but from the fire, in which it constantly renews its scaly skin. The salamander, which renews its scaly skin in the fire,—for virtue."

Early commentators in Europe often grouped "crawling things" (reptiles or reptilia in Latin) together, and thus creatures in this group, which typically included salamanders (Latin salamandrae), dragons (Latin dracones or serpentes), and basilisks (Latin basilisci), were often associated together.

Alchemist Michael Maier said that the salamander is the elemental of fire, who not only eats fire, but elects to live in the flames. One should look for the Stone in the fires of sulphur, which are, the fires of the unredeemed passions. Before the Sacred Stone may be discovered, the fires must be put under control.

Salamanders are also parthenogenetic, along with other various other animals. This is yet another reason for them being associated with the Bloodline families.


.. Tau Tia L Douglass OIO-KHTGP, CSsM&J.

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