How does it work?
On looking in the compact through dimensional transmutation alchemy of great influx vibratory sync at quantum level of the neocortex adaptation, looking glass portals are initiated. These chemical shifts of consciousness happen at a cellular level through Venus invocation. The effects wear off after the passing of two hours.

This beautiful compact mirror is a very special item within itself, even more so when it is enchanted by powerful magick. Anyone who looks into the mirror on the inside lid of it will instantly feel the magick work.

The effects of the mirror will wear off after 2 hours and can be topped up again any time by looking into the mirror again.
The style and colour of the mirror compact will vary according to availability. All will be beautiful and feminine and come in a lovely satin pouch.

Available enchanted for the following effects:

Instant Beauty

Instant Confidence
Instant Diva
Instant Sex Appeal