Let the magickal dreams begin. A secret magickal blend of herbs and crystals from our grimoire are contained in the pillow. Warm the pillow between your hands, inhaling the aroma of the herbs before placing it near to you or under your pillow as you sleep. It will come in different colours according to its purpose.

You will be supplied with a pouch stuffed with magick herbs for wonderful dreams.



Astral Dreams
This magick dream pillow will allow you to visit the astral realms when you sleep at night, or during deep meditation.

Erotic Dreams
Enjoy a wonderful sexy erotic dream with this magick pillow.

Healing Dreams
Place this magick dream pillow under your pillow as you sleep and you will have dreams of your health being restored, and wake to find yourself feeling amazing.

Incubus Succubus Dreams
Place it under your pillow as you sleep and you will visit your chosen suitor in your dreams as an Incubus or Succubus.

Insomnia Dreams
Place this magick dream pillow under your pillow and it will send you into a deep restful sleep with beautiful dreams abound.

Remember Your Dreams
Specially made with herbs that help you remember your dreams.

Inner Wisdom Dream 
Take a wonderful journey into your subconscious mind and learn new things about yourself. This pillow helps connect to your Higher Self in your dreams.

Prophetic Dreams 
The special herbs in this pillow will encourage dreams showing you what will happen in the future.

Strange Dreams 
Do you enjoy wacky out of this world dreams? The type you sometimes have and wish you could have more of them? Well now you can with this special pillow.