The FAQ is set up to answer any common questions quickly.


If you don't find the answer here please contact us.


How is my order shipped?


Our postage costs are according to Royal Mail rates and we ship through them.


How long will my stuff take to get here?


That depends what you have ordered. If it is a wand it could take about a month as it is specially made to order for you. If it is one of the sachets or charms and you live in the UK you should have it within a week. Please allow 14 days to be sure.


How do I know my spell will work?


Don't get a spell if you don't believe in it's power, it is that simple. Magick is a very fickle thing, if the caster doesn't believe the spell has any power at all, it won't. If the one receiving the spell doesn't believe in it's power the magick has to work a lot harder to achieve results.


Can I get my money back if it doesn't work?


We want you to be happy with any spells we cast for you, but we can not guarantee results for the stubborn few who are willing it to not work. I suggest if you are worried it won't work you are better to avoid magick. We strongly believe in our abilities and the power of our magick and each spell takes a lot of work and preparation, so we can not afford to offer refunds.




Please note: All prices are fixed in GBP and payments are in GBP. All prices are subject to change at any time without notice.


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