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HAD - honouring the ancient dead - whereas the remains of our ancestors are displayed in a respectful manner in museums (mummies, Lindow man etc) where if they cant be reburied where they where found - at least they are displayed in a respectful and honourable manner. We ask if any local museums have a display of human remains it is reported to us and we check to see if this is done in a proper manner.


The Countryside and Ancient Ways Legacy (CAWL) exists to raise money for the purchase of land in Central to North England, where pagan ideals and practices can be continued in perpetuity.


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Would you like to learn about Alchemy, Ritual Magick & Other Occult Knowledge, while training to become a Priest or Priestess?

Our correspondence course can help you achieve your desires right now, because our teachings come direct from the Underground Stream of Gnosis, left hidden (occult) for thousands of years and preserved within an Esoteric Gnostic Church and Bloodline.
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