Private training in Aromatherapy, Meditation, Dream Analysis, Reiki, Herbalism, Crystals, Chakras, Tai Chi, Intuition Development, Clairvoyance, Psychic Development, Magick Ritual, Tarot, Qabalah, Incense Making, Telepathy, Astral Travel, Remote Viewing, Lucid Dreaming, Psychometry, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Yoga, Perfume Making, Scrying, Jewellery Making, Potions, Spells, ESP, Sigilisation, Gematria and various new and exciting teachings. All wonderful tools, skills and knowledge to enrich your life and sessions can be booked for one hour at a time. Just £35 for your first hour.

Extra time or sessions plus skype advice/consultation are also available at the reduced rate of £30 per hour.

You might want more than one hour a week training and this can be arranged as well with advanced notice.

Training is tailored to you, your needs and interests. Helping you make the most of your sessions.

Groups also taught with prior arrangement.

For a free consultation about which training will suit you, please contact us.

Formal ceremonies will be arrange at various times during the year for all to attend. These empowering rites are important to your spiritual growth, as well as being incredibly uplifting.

Theola means Divine, and each of us can become the perfect and Divine beings we were always destined to be, before religions became tainted with dogma and corruption, and the beings inhabiting the planet became tired, disillusioned, ill and dragged down by it all.

Free yourself, free you mind, ignite your Divine inner light and watch how you become a beacon of tranquility and serenity to those around you, also seeing your world change for the better. Feel yourself truly living how you were meant to live.

Join us, celebrate with us, become Divine with us. All in the blessings of the Divine Trinity of the Mother, Father and Divine sacred child.

Come with an open mind, leave with greater understanding. If you come with a closed mind, you could learn how to open it.

Community, Laughter, Friendship, Wisdom, Knowledge.

Are you an advanced spiritual being? A Theolalite - Divine Light?


What are Theolalites?

They look like you or me, you could not tell by their looks. But upon looking into their eyes or being in their presence, you would soon recognise them.

They aren't like others, they can be seen as secretive and reserved, sometimes even stand offish. However, if you got to know one you would learn so much from just being in their presence.

They are highly spiritual beings, who have no need for jealousy, envy or gossip. They actually find this abhorrent and can't understand why others would want to be like that. When a friend is doing well, they are genuinely pleased for them and most of the time have probably helped them get there, without taking any credit. They work selflessly for others, never asking for praise or admiration. And although some might see them as aloof and acting as if they are above others, they don't mean to give that impression... They simply don't know how to act round 'normal' people, as they are far from normal.

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Gnostic Theolalites

logoblkWhat are Gnostic Theolalites?

A Gnostic is one that seeks Gnosis (Knowledge). A Gnostic doesn't need labels because true independence is being Gnostic.

Originally, Gnostics simply called themselves, "Knowledge seekers" as Gnosis means Knowledge, the idea being, if Truth is ONE, then all Knowledge Seekers who GENUINELY seek the truth, should eventually end up at the same view, but by their own paths.

Theolalite is just a word to describe someone with Gnosis, who has full connection to their own Higher Self.

Theola=Divine, Lite=Light. They carry the Divine spark within them, ignited by their compassion and the truth.

Despite what people say about Gnostics they are pre-Christian and it isn't a religion, it is a way of life - that of seeking knowledge and wisdom, which leads to spiritual enlightenment or illumination. When you are enlightened, you can see the big picture, you can see the connection in all things and you realise that all spiritual paths lead to the same place. So some people don't call themselves a 'Gnostic' until after they have reached enlightenment.

Learn more about Gnostic Theolalites

Please note: All prices are fixed in GBP and payments are in GBP. All prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Sapentia Holistic Healing Therapy

Sapentia Holistic Healing Therapy has been developed by the Adepts of a Secretive Esoteric Order. With elements taken from ancient Mysticism and Occult Mysteries, passed down through an underground stream of Divine Wisdom and Knowledge.

Now for the first time in history, we are sharing this wonderful gift with those outside the Order. We are prepared to do these sessions for anyone who feels they would like to experience them. Our friends and families have already had the benefit of our work, and now you can too.

The healing session aims to uplift, de-stress, balance and help you find the gateway to your Higher Self.

Sound wave energy is used in various frequencies through chants and incantations. Both a male and female healer are needed to perform this ceremony to balance the energies. Adepts have both these energies within them already, however combining and mixing these subtle energies of the Priest and the Priestess in the Earthly realm will allow the astral light to work through and mix all energies as they pass through the client. Then as the energy loops, the negative energies being released from your blocked energy centres will be cleansed as it passes from female to male, from male to female, balancing and regenerating your light body and unblocking your Chakras, enabling the individual to return to a state of harmony and balance.

Using special signals, keys and chants, portals are opened and cosmic purifying healing energy is channelled directly to the client. A special artefact (The Sapentia Staff) is used during the ceremony to increase vibration, this transmutes into healing energy through the coils and crystals to the client. After years of experimentation with Chi energy, also known as Reiki, Kia, Lifeforce, Chakra, Vril, Orgone etc, we have now developed the most powerful way to harness these energies and vibrations to use them to full effect. All your senses will be incorporated into this sensory uplifting session.

Negativity and stress are stripped away, as the client becomes filled with harmonious balanced energy. This can make for an emotional experience for the client, and clients are asked to just let go and allow it to happen, otherwise you are just fighting the positive energy and preventing it from doing its work.

Feed back from those who have tried one of our sessions.

Thank you very much for taking the time to see me at the weekend for one of your wonderful sessions. I have to admit I have never in my life experienced something quiet like it before. At first I was little worried, all the strange chants and ceremony, but after a while I was so relaxed by the smell of the incense and entranced by the whole magical atmosphere you create in your Temple. I did get a little emotional during the part you called the spiritual cleanse, but seeing as you assured me it was normal and to not hold back, I relaxed and just let go. Then the balancing part, well no words can describe it, other than WOW. I was left uplifted and buzzing, the energy you created was so powerful I really could feel it and dare I say, I fed on it. I haven't felt this good and positive in a long time. My aches and pains that nag me everyday have just gone, and the main problem I came for seems to have disappeared completely. I can't wait to come back again, but I realise how busy you both are so will give others a chance first. I would like my sister to have a session actually. I will recommend these sessions to those I feel will benefit, but I am not sure I want too many people to know about it or you will be too busy to fit me in. Do you train others to do this? I would be very interested in taking a course if you do. Looking forward to seeing you both soon, all my love.- Gemma, Preston.
Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the session last week, I can't actually thank you enough.. It was amazing and I am still feeling the effects now. I will be in touch soon for another session and I have some friends who can't wait to try it out after I told them all about it. - Susan, Chorley.
Thank you so much for the amazing Sapentia session, it was well worth the journey to get to you. I feel 10 years younger, and people have commented on how well I am looking now, they say I am glowing. I really needed this boost. I almost forgot to mention that the whole thing was out of this world, I felt transported into another realm. I would love to experience it again soon, love to you both. - Janet, Sunderland.
What can I say about my Sapentia session, other than it was very strange, yet very effective. Being a sceptic I was very wary about the whole thing, but I thought it couldn't hurt to give it a go and I am very glad a did. Thank you both, you are very kind.- Ronald, Leicester.

Is Sapentia Therapy right for me?

Yes, because no matter what problems you are experiencing right now, the energy boost you get from Sapentia alone is enough to help you get through most of the things in life that cause us pain and hurt. You will feel like you can take on the World, and do anything.

Sapentia can help with various problems and, issues including: Confidence issues, stress, driving test nerves, exam nerves, depression, IBS, aches and pains, job interview nerves, public speaking, phobias, healing, learning nervousness, sports, love relationships, education, creativity, pregnancy, health, stress reduction, addiction, charisma, emotional stress, fitness discipline, anxiety, money worries, wellness confidence, positive thinking, rehabilitation, relaxation, panic, remote viewing, attract love, martial arts, psychic abilities, awareness, meditation and many more.

To be sure we are fully aware of what you are wanting to achieve from your session, we will require you to do a consultation with us prior to your first session. This helps in a number of ways, including helping us tailor each session to your needs. Because of our busy schedules and high demand for these sessions, we reserve the right to provide these sessions to only those we feel will get the most benefit from Sapentia.

How do I get a consultation?

Please use the contact form and tell us how you feel Sapentia can help you.


  • How are your past life experiences effecting you now?
  • What karma do you need to release from your past?
  • What can you do so you can move forwards, healed
    and healthy in mind body and spirit?
  • What answers do your genetic memories hold?
  • How have your ancestors effected what you know now?
  • Did your ancestors see something so terrifying that it
    subconsciously effects you now?
  • Can tapping into your genetic memories heal you and
    bring you hidden talents you never even knew you had?
  • You can now find the answers to all your questions about who
    you really are and where you are going with your life now.

Hypnosis can help heal and enhance your life. Contact us now to arrange your very own private session.

Just £50 per session, please note, these sessions may last more than an hour.


After my visit, I was mentally exhausted, so much to think about, so much to change within myself, but the next day I felt a deep inner peace that was something I hadn't experienced for a long time. You are changing my life!

I cannot begin to describe my feelings adequately except to say that I have never felt so emotionally or spiritually aware of who I am before. The potential I feel that you have released in me makes me regret so many wasted years.

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for your time and teaching on Thursday afternoon. I deliberately went into the session with as few expectations as I could, and I'm glad I did because there was no way I could have possibly anticipated the extent of what I would uncover about myself. I'm sorry if I was a little uncommunicative afterwards. I was not intending to be rude, it was just that I'd had so much to take in, I was feeling a little overwhelmed and 'out of it' - almost like having overdosed slightly on a very very healthy drug!  You have a rare and special gift, which I hope you will continue to be able to share for many years. I feel privileged to have made your acquaintance. My very best wishes.

Temple of Theola supports and raises funds for Theomerla.

Please note: All prices are fixed in GBP and payments are in GBP. All prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

The intensity of positive or negative energy varies within each home, depending on its occupants - both past and present. Your home - the space you come home to every night, the place where you go to escape the craziness of the world, pressures of work, daily stresses and the such - should be a place where you feel safe, secure and comfortable.

Your home should be a place where you can relax and get away from the outside world’s demands and pressures.

Your home should be your sanctuary. If you don’t feel an immediate sense of ‘sanctuary” when you enter your home or that of being calm, happy and peaceful - you may need to clear your home of negative energy.

How do I know If need my house blessed/cleansed?

There are many reasons to cleanse, clear and recharge the energy in your home or work place.

  • Are you afraid of being in the dark in your own home?
  • Do you ever get an uneasy feeling, have a chill run down your back,
    or get goose-bumps for no discernable reason?
  • Have you ever seen something move out of the corner of your eye,
    but when you look, nothing is there?
  • Do you wake feeling unrested after a nights sleep?
  • Do items like your keys or jewellery frequently get misplaced or lost?
  • Do you have insomnia or wake up frequently during the night?
  • Are you constantly on edge with your spouse or children when in the
    home, only to be fine when outside or away from the home?
  • Do you feel an unfounded sense of dread in a particular area of your home?
  • Do you feel you may have a ghost or some kind of presence in your home?

If you experience one or more of the above, a home blessing and cleasning may prove quite beneficial.

A home or office has the ability to capture and hold both negative or positive energy. Negative energy manifests through low-vibrational thoughts and ideas and is expressed mentally, physically or verbally.

Anger, sadness, resentment, fights and arguments, bad thoughts or memories of events or people, hateful or harsh words spoken, in the home or office place, can gather and remain in a buidings energy field.

This type of energy when trapped, can cause discomfort, disharmony, arguments, illnesses, physical symptoms, mental symptoms and emotional symptoms, etc.

Once this energy is trapped in this way, all who live or work within this space can be affected, creating an endless cycle that continually emits and regenerates this negative energy. Breaking the chain by clearing the negative energy from the space is necessary for restoring peace and harmony.

Houses and buildings inherit energy from previous occupants so it’s always a good idea to cleanse the home or building of unwanted energy before moving in even the first piece of furniture.    

Our goal when clearing and blessing a home or work space is to get rid of the old, stale negative energy, clearing it out and replacing it with good, clean, clear, loving, happy energy - providing a calm, balanced, and peaceful environment for work, play or living. Also blessings of an individual, who may feel down or depressed and in need of some positive energy can help.

This service is charged at an hourly rate, plus travel expenses. The charges are for materials required for the ceremony and our time only, the charge is not for the blessing or clearing.

Please contact us for further details.

Please note: All prices are fixed in GBP and payments are in GBP. All prices are subject to change at any time without notice.


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