Readings & Dream Analysis by Tau Tia

Due to popular demand I am now offering personal one to one readings and ancestry advice.

The Tools I use in readings are: Tarot Cards, Divine Feminine Cards, Rune Stones, Psychometry, Numerology, Gematria and the Psychic ability which I have had since birth. I am also available to create personalised sigils for you. Dream Analysis, Blood Type Personalities & Ancestral origins are a speciality of mine.

I can help analyse your DNA and ancestry, I will look at your MtDNA or your Y DNA, or analyse your family names/crests.

I do not 'channel' angels or any kind of entity, I have a direct connection to my Higher Self.



Standard reading or DNA, Ancestry, Family Name or Crest Analyse by email is £50.

Per each standard session I can look at either your MtDNA or your Y DNA, or analyse up to 5 family names/crests. 

Reading or DNA, Ancestry, Family Name or Crest Analyse by Skype or phone £65.

Per each Skype session I can look at either your MtDNA or your Y DNA, or analyse up to 5 family names/crests.

Full detailed natal chart and personality reading, including blood type and MBTI, the report will be sent to you by email when it is ready or ancestry analyse including both MtDNA, Y DNA, up to 10 family names & 10 crests £150.

Readings last an hour and include a written report which will be sent to you later. If you want a longer session that is fine, our second hour will be the same as the first, but any further hour will be - Skype/phone £30.

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment, I will try my best to fit you in within a week of your request.

After your session I will compile all the information together and send you a copy of everything revealed. With prior arrangement I can make a recording of your session.

Please contact me to find out more using the site's contact form.

If you would rather learn how to do these readings yourself, please contact me for lessons.

Please note that the ancestry and DNA sessions are based on genetic origins and will not include research into your full paper trail lineages, which is a very time comsuming and costly activity, it is just to give you an idea about your true origins. You will need to have your DNA tested and know your haplogroup before the session.




I was always going to be a sceptic, however, Tau Tia was spookily accurate. In fact, so much so, my sister and mother also want readings and I'm about to order now. And, believe me, I'm the last person in the world who thought I would ever get a reading done like this. - George, Scotland.


Thank you so much for that. It resonates perfectly! - Kiarna, Australia.


Just to say that my Tarot reading was very powerful and I could relate almost 100% to it. Thanks for my reading, it is very interesting, and yes, if I don't change then the universe will do it for me!!  AHH!!  Scarey!! Love & Gratitude. - Tracy, Flintshire.


Thank you very much for the reading. It was very detailed and has helped me realise where I should be heading. I already knew, but having this extra reassurance that I am going the right way really is a great feeling. I am fired up and ready to go. Thanks for your insight. - Angie, Lancashire.


I was moved and touched at how accurate your reading for me was, and how much effort you put in to what you do. You have a high standard of professionalism as you make sure everything is right for the client, yet you are caring and loving with it. A service that can not be beat! - Drew, California.


Tau Tia, how delighted I was with the reading you did for me, so delighted that I want to book again soon. You said I should learn to do this myself and that you would help me, yet work, children and other commitments prevent that. You are a Goddess send for busy people like me.
- Trisha, Lancashire.


I enjoyed my session and the accuracy of the reading, it was like you saw into my mind with those cards. - Helena, Minnesota.


The Divine Feminine is awakening within me, and this reading has helped me realise what I should be doing next to heal and move forward, thank you, such a beautiful reading.
- Sam, Manchester.


By paying for a session you are entering a contract and agreeing to the disclaimer.

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