Sapentia Holistic Healing Therapy

Sapentia Holistic Healing Therapy has been developed by the Adepts of a Secretive Esoteric Order. With elements taken from ancient Mysticism and Occult Mysteries, passed down through an underground stream of Divine Wisdom and Knowledge.

Now for the first time in history, we are sharing this wonderful gift with those outside the Order. We are prepared to do these sessions for anyone who feels they would like to experience them. Our friends and families have already had the benefit of our work, and now you can too.

The healing session aims to uplift, de-stress, balance and help you find the gateway to your Higher Self.

Sound wave energy is used in various frequencies through chants and incantations. Both a male and female healer are needed to perform this ceremony to balance the energies. Adepts have both these energies within them already, however combining and mixing these subtle energies of the Priest and the Priestess in the Earthly realm will allow the astral light to work through and mix all energies as they pass through the client. Then as the energy loops, the negative energies being released from your blocked energy centres will be cleansed as it passes from female to male, from male to female, balancing and regenerating your light body and unblocking your Chakras, enabling the individual to return to a state of harmony and balance.

Using special signals, keys and chants, portals are opened and cosmic purifying healing energy is channelled directly to the client. A special artefact (The Sapentia Staff) is used during the ceremony to increase vibration, this transmutes into healing energy through the coils and crystals to the client. After years of experimentation with Chi energy, also known as Reiki, Kia, Lifeforce, Chakra, Vril, Orgone etc, we have now developed the most powerful way to harness these energies and vibrations to use them to full effect. All your senses will be incorporated into this sensory uplifting session.

Negativity and stress are stripped away, as the client becomes filled with harmonious balanced energy. This can make for an emotional experience for the client, and clients are asked to just let go and allow it to happen, otherwise you are just fighting the positive energy and preventing it from doing its work.

Feed back from those who have tried one of our sessions.

Thank you very much for taking the time to see me at the weekend for one of your wonderful sessions. I have to admit I have never in my life experienced something quiet like it before. At first I was little worried, all the strange chants and ceremony, but after a while I was so relaxed by the smell of the incense and entranced by the whole magical atmosphere you create in your Temple. I did get a little emotional during the part you called the spiritual cleanse, but seeing as you assured me it was normal and to not hold back, I relaxed and just let go. Then the balancing part, well no words can describe it, other than WOW. I was left uplifted and buzzing, the energy you created was so powerful I really could feel it and dare I say, I fed on it. I haven't felt this good and positive in a long time. My aches and pains that nag me everyday have just gone, and the main problem I came for seems to have disappeared completely. I can't wait to come back again, but I realise how busy you both are so will give others a chance first. I would like my sister to have a session actually. I will recommend these sessions to those I feel will benefit, but I am not sure I want too many people to know about it or you will be too busy to fit me in. Do you train others to do this? I would be very interested in taking a course if you do. Looking forward to seeing you both soon, all my love.- Gemma, Preston.
Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the session last week, I can't actually thank you enough.. It was amazing and I am still feeling the effects now. I will be in touch soon for another session and I have some friends who can't wait to try it out after I told them all about it. - Susan, Chorley.
Thank you so much for the amazing Sapentia session, it was well worth the journey to get to you. I feel 10 years younger, and people have commented on how well I am looking now, they say I am glowing. I really needed this boost. I almost forgot to mention that the whole thing was out of this world, I felt transported into another realm. I would love to experience it again soon, love to you both. - Janet, Sunderland.
What can I say about my Sapentia session, other than it was very strange, yet very effective. Being a sceptic I was very wary about the whole thing, but I thought it couldn't hurt to give it a go and I am very glad a did. Thank you both, you are very kind.- Ronald, Leicester.

Is Sapentia Therapy right for me?

Yes, because no matter what problems you are experiencing right now, the energy boost you get from Sapentia alone is enough to help you get through most of the things in life that cause us pain and hurt. You will feel like you can take on the World, and do anything.

Sapentia can help with various problems and, issues including: Confidence issues, stress, driving test nerves, exam nerves, depression, IBS, aches and pains, job interview nerves, public speaking, phobias, healing, learning nervousness, sports, love relationships, education, creativity, pregnancy, health, stress reduction, addiction, charisma, emotional stress, fitness discipline, anxiety, money worries, wellness confidence, positive thinking, rehabilitation, relaxation, panic, remote viewing, attract love, martial arts, psychic abilities, awareness, meditation and many more.

To be sure we are fully aware of what you are wanting to achieve from your session, we will require you to do a consultation with us prior to your first session. This helps in a number of ways, including helping us tailor each session to your needs. Because of our busy schedules and high demand for these sessions, we reserve the right to provide these sessions to only those we feel will get the most benefit from Sapentia.

How do I get a consultation?

Please use the contact form and tell us how you feel Sapentia can help you.

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