Extremely potent potions from our secret family grimoire. It is very important to read the instructions that will come with the potion very carefully. Some potions are to bathe in, others to drink. If you have any allergy it is important to mention this when ordering.
Your potion will come in different amounts and bottle depending on its purpose.



Alpha Male Drink Potion 
Drink it before a night out and let your alpha side shine. No longer will be seen as the pushover, now it is your turn to be the centre of attention.

Diva Drink Potion 
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of those confident sexy women who have men swarming round them? Well now this potion will give you a taste of the power. You will instantly notice how men are drawn to you like magnets.

Happiness Bath Potion
Take a nice relaxing bath and pour the potion into the water and rub some of it on to yourself. Inhale the wonderful aroma as you visualise your most happy memories and let the happiness flood back into your life.

Healing Bath Potion 
Take time out and have a relaxing hot bath. As you sit there you can pour the healing potion into the water and visualise yourself becoming strong and healthy. Can be used to get over an illness or to ease aches and pains.

Love Bath Potion 
Bathe in this potent potion to attract love to you. As you sit bathing you can imagine the lover you want to attract, visualise as strongly as possible.

Love Drink Potion 
This is a drinkable potion. This enhances the bond between two people and gives them a romantic evening to remember. Enkindle your love once more.