This absolutely stunning purple heart wall decoration features a peacock feather with some purple fluffy feathers, purple satin ribbons, soft purple cord fabric, beads, gems, bells and a beautiful piece of Amethyst suspended in a silver cage pendent. Add some royal sophistication to your home with this beautiful one of a kind wall art. Hand made in Sweden by Tau Tia.

Amethyst as a healing stone contains sobering and calming qualities which allow this stone to be commonly associated with peace. Amethyst is known to calm and protect the mind. It soothes those who have engaged in constant rigorous mental activity. It has been deemed "nature's tranquilizer" by many healers because of it's effectiveness in relaxing not only the mind but also the nervous system. Those who wear amethyst jewellery and who have been recommended to wear this stone for healing purposes have done so because of its tranquil qualities and it's ability reduce negativity and alleviate anxiety.

Besides being a stone of tranquillity and repose, amethyst is also known to enhance mental strength, stability, and vigour. It also is protective in averting the mind from psychic attacks and transforming negative energy in to that of positive and tranquil tenacity. It is also used to bring understanding of all that is transitional, especially death and rebirth. It can provide security and peace of mind (along with understanding) when a loved one is lost or reborn. It is said to also have a relieving effect on stress, grief, depression, emotional despair and ineffective communication.