Readings by Tau Tia -  I get asked for these so often, so I will do them, but I need some notice, so don't expect them to be done right away and I do apologise if is takes me a long time to respond to emails and messages.

Tarot, Chakra Cards, Divine Feminine Cards or Blood Type Personality.

For email readings: 75

For Skype voice readings: 150 per hour.



"Wow, Tia you are spot on 100 percent correct and I know you know this; but damn I have never had anyone give me an accurate slap in the face reading before. Thank you so much this was very much needed and appreciated. eye opener. Thank you so very much again; I really appreciate your honesty and not tip toeing around the subject matter. You are absolutely amazing and very gifted. #alittlejelousbutinagoodway
Thank you so much; change will be applied."

"iI just wanted to say thank you for the reading. There is a lot of information there but I have now got through it all and I am amazed at how accurately this fits with what I have and am going through. The solutions are now clear to see thanks to your direct and honest reading. Many thanks for helping me realise exactly what I need to do moving forwards."

"A very detailed and incredibility enlightening reading, thank you so much."

"I am very honoured that you took time out to do this fantastic reading for me, so accurate, alarmingly so, it really made stop and think. I am now re-evaluating some very important decisions because it has shown me how much happier I will be living as the authentic real me. Thank you."

"A few years ago you did a reading for me, everything you said would happen did, you were very sincere and didn't hold back on the negative as well as the positive, which I am so grateful for. Now this new reading is spot on yet again, I am crying as I read it, you seem to know me better than I know myself. Much love to you, many thanks."

"I don't know how you do it or how those cards know so much about me, I am amazed. Thank you."