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Major Arcana

The Fool

The Fool

UPRIGHT: Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit, freedom, originality, adventure, travel, foolishness, carelessness, idealism, youth, spontaneity, lack of commitment, new beginnings.

The Fool stands on the edge of cliff, but will he leap? This card is encouring you to take a leap of faith, not of a cliff of course but to do something you are maybe too scare to do, don't be held back by the fear of the unknown because without risks we cannot learn anything or grow.

This card encourages you to have an open, curious mind and a sense of excitement. Throw caution to the wind and be ready to embrace the unknown, leaving behind any fear, worry or anxiety about what may or may not happen. This is about new experiences, personal growth, development, and adventure.

REVERSED: Holding back, recklessness, risk-taking, carelessness, negligence, stupidity, distraction, apathy, irrationality, lack of fun, hope or faith.

This is a warning to make careful plans before leaping into something you will regret. Any decisions you are making right now should be considered very carefully before going ahead.


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The Magickian

The Magickian

UPRIGHT: Manifestation, power, inspired action, influence, willpower, resourcefulness, skill, ability, logic, intellect, psychic powers.

The Magickian harnesses the powers of all the elements and can manifest all Earthly desires. Now is the time for making your dreams come true, you have all the tools you need, so act and create your ideal reality.

This is the perfect time to move forward with all your inspired ideals and goals.

REVERSED: Manipulation, poor planning, untapped talents, greed, unused ability, untrustworthiness, trickery, conniving, cunning.

Maybe you have some big ideas but you are too scared to act for fear of failure. It can mean you have many hidden talents that you will never fully ultilise until you have let go of your fears and instead of just dreaming about things actually do something to manifest them.

The Magdalene Rite
High Priestess

The High Priestess

UPRIGHT: Intuition, sacred knowledge, divine feminine, the subconscious mind, desirability, unattainability, mystery, sensuality, spirituality, thirst for knowledge, mystery, subconscious, higher power, creativity, fertility.

When the HIgh Priestess shows up it means your intuition is strong right now and is providing you with useful information, it is assisting you to become more in touch with your subconscious mind.

The High Priestess is a signal that you are being called to embrace the Divine Feminine – your connection to your intuition, compassion, empathy, and inner wisdom.

REVERSED: Secrets, disconnected from intuition, withdrawal and silence, repression of intuition, blocked psychic powers, unwanted attention, uncontrolled outbursts and sexual tension, lack of self-belief, fertility issues.

The High Priestess Reversed calls on you to be still and direct your attention inward to listen to your voice and wisdom.

You may be swayed by other people's opinions or swept up in their drama when what you really need to do is focus on what is right for you.

Secrets of the Serpent Bloodline
The Empress

The Empress

UPRIGHT: Femininity, beauty, nature, nurturing, abundance, pregnancy, fertility, motherhood, sensuality, creativity, harmony, art.

The Empress signifies abundance. You are surrounded by life's pleasures and luxuries and have everything you need to live a comfortable lifestyle. You are in a period of growth, in which all you have dreamed of is now coming to fruition.

The Empress appears with the message that you should embrace your softer side, allow yourself to explore the emotions you are feeling and listen to your intuition. People will be drawn to you, especially those in need of the empathy, compassion and nurturing you are able to provide.

REVERSED: Creative block, dependence on others, insecurity, infertility, lack of confidence, lack of growth, overbearing tendencies, disharmony, negligence.

The Empress reversed indicates that you have been suppressing or neglecting your feminine side and need to embrace it in order to bring your masculine and feminine energies into balance. You may be focusing too much on the material and mental aspects of life, rather than the emotional and spiritual.

The Empress Reversed can suggest that you are feeling a creative block, especially in 'birthing' a new idea or expressing yourself creatively. You may worry whether it will be a success or if your work is appealing to others. For now, don't bother about what others think.

Blood Type Personality
The Emperor

The Emperor

UPRIGHT: Authority, establishment, structure, a father figure, older man, stability, dependability, fatherhood, protectiveness, logical, practical.

The Emperor represents an older man who is good in business and usually wealthy. The Emperor is a solid, stable man. He is a powerful, grounded protector but he also can be rigid and stubborn.

The Emperor card also signifies world knowledge and expertise. Through the course of your life, you have gained valuable wisdom and life experience, and now you enjoy offering guidance, advice, and direction to someone who might benefit from it.

REVERSED: Domination, lack of discipline, inflexibility, abuse of power, excessively controlling, rigidity, stubbornness, absentee father, paternity issues.

The Emperor in reverse as a person signifies an older man or person in authority in your life who may be abusing his power or being too authoritarian leaving you feeling powerless or rebellious.

The card can suggest an over-use and abuse of authoritative power surrounding you. It could originate from you or from another person, often a boss, partner or father figure. And it may be because of deep insecurities or father issues from childhood.

High Priest

The High Priest

UPRIGHT: Spiritual wisdom, religious beliefs, conformity, tradition, institutions, traditional institutions, traditional values, conventional, marriage, commitment, knowledge sharing.

The High Priest can represent a counsellor or mentor who will provide you with wisdom and guidance or a spiritual or religious advisor. Alternatively, you may be dealing with someone who is very set in their ways.

You may also undertake a period of formal study as you delve into a subject that has been widely explored and documented.

REVERSED: Personal beliefs, freedom, challenging the status quo, challenging tradition, unconventional lifestyles, unconventional relationships, reversed roles, non-conformity.

The High Priest reversed reminds you that you are your own teacher. All the wisdom you seek comes from within – not from some external source or power.

He also appears reversed when it is time to break with convention. You will want to change traditional structure, social norms and rigid rules.

The Lovers

The Lovers

UPRIGHT: Love, harmony, relationships, values alignment, choices, soulmates, kindred spirits, perfect unions, partnerships, major choices, romance, desire, sexual connections.

The Lovers signifies perfect union, harmony, love and attraction. The Lovers can represent finding the balance within oneself. You are learning to understand yourself, your own personal moral code and what you value in life.

The Lovers is a card of open communication and raw honesty. Given that the man and woman are naked, they are both willing to be in their most vulnerable states and have learned to open their hearts to one another and share their truest feelings.

REVERSED: Self-love, disharmony, imbalance, misalignment of values, trust issues, imbalance, conflict, disconnection, lack of accountability, disunion, detachment.

The Lovers Reversed can also suggest inner conflicts and being at war with yourself rather than with external forces. It indicates disharmony and a struggle to balance your inner union.

The Lovers reversed can indicate that while the sexual aspect of things is still great, you and your partner may not be on the same page in other important areas. It can also be a signifier that one partner is more emotionally invested in the relationship. 

The Chariot

The Chariot

UPRIGHT: Control, willpower, success, action, determination, victory, overcoming obstacles, ambition, self-discipline, hard work and focus.c

When The Chariot appears in a Tarot reading, take it as a sign of encouragement. You have set your objectives and are now channeling your inner power with a fierce dedication to bring them to fruition. When you apply discipline, commitment and willpower to achieve your goals, you will succeed.

Now is a time to go for what you really want. The Chariot is not without its challenges, there may be many obstacles in your path but if you stay focused, keep your composure and are confident in your abilities, you will be successful!

REVERSED: Self-discipline, opposition, lack of direction, forcefulness, lack of self-control, powerlessness, aggression, coercion, being blocked by obstacles.

The Chariot Tarot card reversed can indicate that you feel powerless and are lacking direction. You need to take control of your own destiny and not let outside forces determine your path.

The Chariot reversed is a warning that you are letting obstacles and challenges get in the way, preventing you from achieving what you set out to do.



UPRIGHT: Justice, fairness, truth, cause and effect, law, karmic justice, consequences, legal disputes, honesty, integrity, life lessons.

The Justice card represents justice, fairness, truth and the law. You are being called to account for your actions and will be judged accordingly. If you have acted in alignment with your Higher Self and for the greater good of others, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you haven't, you will be called out and made to own up to your actions.

In a general context Justice is showing you that all actions have consequences. So look at your present circumstances in that context, how have your own actions contributed to where you find yourself today?

REVERSED: Unfairness, lack of accountability, dishonesty, injustice, karmic retribution, corruption, karmic avoidance.

Justice reversed can indicate injustice or avoidance of karmic justice. This may take the form of being treated unjustly in your life or situation where you are being unfairly affected by the choices or actions of others. You may feel you are being victimised or blamed for something that is not your fault.

Similarly, Justice reversed suggests that you are not willing to take full accountability for your actions and may try to 'dodge the bullet' and blame others for your mistakes.

The Hermit

The Hermit

UPRIGHT: Soul-searching, introspection, inner guidance, piritual enlightenment, self-reflection, contemplation, solitude.

The Hermit shows that you are currently turning your thoughts inward. Maybe you have taken a break from everyday life, or are about to, so that you can think over something without the influence of others and without distraction. A time for reflection and being guiding by your intuition.

It is only when we take time away from everything and everyone, clear our minds and contemplate a situation that you can truly see clearly.

REVERSED: Isolation, loneliness, withdrawal, loneliness, paranoia, bring reclusive, anti-social, restrictive, paralysed by fear.

When the Hermit is reversed it can mean you are taking your own private time alone a bit too far and could be isolating yourself too much. Everyone needs a break from others at times, but don't make it all the time or your mental health could start to suffer.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune

UPRIGHT: Good luck, karma, life cycles, destiny, a turning point, change, soulmates, decisive moments, fate, fortune, upheaval, chance.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds you that the wheel is always turning and life is in a state of constant change. If you're going through a difficult time rest assured that it will get better from here. Good luck and good fortune will make their return in time. Similarly, if things are going well, know this, too, will change and life may return to 'normal' soon.

The upright Wheel of Fortune signals that the universe is working in your favour to help you reach your goals. Make sure you make the most of this time by focusing your intention on what you truly want! Know that the universe has a plan for you even if that plan is not clear to you at this point.

REVERSED: Bad luck, resistance to change, breaking cycles, upheaval, disorder, external forces, lack of control, disruption, unwelcome change, delays, set backs.

The Wheel of Fortune reversed Tarot card still indicates change but this change is likely to be negative and unwelcome. The reversed Wheel of Fortune is a strong indicator that there is a challenging time ahead and that the change coming may be difficult to adjust to. It can represent that things had been going well and have suddenly and quite unexpectedly fallen apart.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed can also reflect resistance to change, particularly if you feel it forced upon you. This card suggests that change has become a source of significant stress, and you may be trying to consciously or subconsciously stop events from running their course.



UPRIGHT: Strength, courage, persuasion, influence, compassion, inner strength, bravery, confidence, taming, control, overcoming self-doubt.

The Strength card speaks to the inner strength and the human spirit's ability to overcome any obstacle. Strength is about knowing you can endure life's obstacles.

You have all the skills you need to be successful, the focus now is to conquer your inner worries and believe in yourself. Take the time you need to master your emotions, be patient and compassionate with yourself and you will find a new confidence in yourself and your abilities.

REVERSED: Self-doubt, low energy, raw emotion, vulnerability, weakness, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, feeling inadequate.

When the Strength Tarot card appears reversed in your Tarot reading, it indicates that you are not tapping into the inner strength you have. It is does not indicate a lack of strength so much as it indicates that you are letting fear, anxiety or low self-esteem paralyse you.

If you have recently experienced a setback, you may be vulnerable and lacking in self-confidence. Know that your core strength will always be with you and now is as good a time as any to reconnect with this power.

Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

UPRIGHT: Pause, surrender, letting go, new perspectives, feeling trapped, confined, self-limiting, uncertainty, lack of direction, needing release, letting go.

The Hanged Man reminds you that sometimes you have to put everything on hold before you can take the next step, or the Universe will do it on your behalf.

The Hanged Man Tarot card can also indicates that you are in a situation that you are not happy with. You may be feeling like you are stuck in a rut or trapped in a situation or frame of mind that is not making you happy but you have the power to release yourself. This may involve walking away from the situation or simply changing your perspective on it. The Hanged Man may also signify that you may be facing a dilemma and are unsure of what path to take.

REVERSED: Delays, resistance, stalling, indecision, discontentment, apathy, disinterest, stagnation, impulsiveness, negative patterns, detachment.

The Hanged Man reversed can indicate that you are being impulsive and making rash decisions as a way to distract yourself from some sort of inner discontentment.

Reversed, this card can also show that you know you need to hit the pause button, but you are resisting it. Instead, you fill your days with tasks and projects, keeping busy and distracting yourself from the actual issue that needs your attention.



UPRIGHT: Endings, change, transformation, transition, new beginnings, letting go, sudden or unexpected upheaval.

The Death Tarot Card usually signifies spiritual transformation and a time of change and new beginnings, not actual death! The transformation or change that Death can bring can be difficult, unexpected, sudden or even traumatic but it will bring with it a new lease of life.

You must close one door to open another. You need to put the past behind you and part ways, ready to embrace new opportunities and possibilities. It may be difficult to let go of the past, but you will soon see its importance and the promise of renewal and transformation.

REVERSED: Resistance to change, personal transformation, inner purging, inability to move forward, repeating negative patterns, dependency.

In the reversed position, Death can mean that you are on the verge of meaningful change but are resisting it. You may be reluctant to let go, or you may not know how to make the change you need.

Nothing new can begin while you are holding on to this old negative energy. Death indicates that while you are finding it difficult to let go, once you do, new energy will come into your life to give you a new brighter beginning.



UPRIGHT: Balance, moderation, patience, purpose, inner calm, perspective, tranquillity, harmonious relationships, soulmates.

The Temperance card shows that you have a clear, long-term vision of what you want to achieve. You are not rushing things along; instead, you are taking your time to ensure that you do the best job you can. You know you need a moderate, guided approach to reach your goal.

It is a sign that the relationships in your life are harmonious. You have learned not to allow yourself to be dragged into other people's conflict or to let minor issues knock you off balance. Instead you adapt to the situations with a clear mind and calm heart and keep your balance.

REVERSED: Imbalance, excess, self-healing, re-alignment, self-indulgence, clashing, lack of perspective, discord, antagonism, recklessness, hastiness.

The Temperance Tarot card in a reversed position may be telling you that you have lost touch with your own inner calm and tranquillity which can lead you to seek gratification in risky, harmful ways.

Temperance Reversed can also be a sign you sense that something is 'off' in your life, creating stress and tension.


The Devil

UPRIGHT: Shadow self, attachment, addiction, restriction, sexuality, depression, mental health issues, secrecy, obsession, cheating, dependency, materialism, powerlessness, hopelessness, abuse, violence, assault.

The Devil Tarot card can signify depression or addiction. It can also be a sign of feeling trapped or restricted. However, this is the illusion The Devil creates. You are in control of your own destiny and are not bound by anything other than your own attitudes and behaviour.

The Devil can also represent sexuality and your wild side. You may be exploring bondage, fetishes and your deepest, darkest fantasies.

REVERSED: Releasing limiting beliefs, exploring dark thoughts, detachment, independence, freedom, revelation, reclaiming power, reasserting control.

The Devil Reversed can often appear when you are on the verge of a break-through or an up-levelling. You are being called to your highest potential, but first, you must let go of any unhealthy attachments or limiting beliefs that may hold you back

The Devil reversed can signify that you are becoming aware of the things that have been trapping you and the role you play in allowing them to. It is a great card for anyone battling an addiction or mental illness or engaging in harmful behaviour as it indicates that you are starting to see the light and take back control of yourself and your life.

The Tower

The Tower

UPRIGHT: Sudden change, upheaval, chaos, revelation, awakening, destruction, trauma, disaster, loss, tragedy, confusion, pain, divorce, abuse, violence, bankruptcy, natural disasters.

The Tower Tarot card represents chaos and destruction. This change usually is scary, life changing and often unavoidable.

Just when you think you're safe and comfortable, a Tower moment hits and throws you for a loop. A lightning bolt of clarity and insight cuts through the lies and illusions you have been telling yourself, and now the truth comes to light.

REVERSED: Personal transformation, fear of change, averting disaster, resisting change, averting disaster, avoiding tragedy, delaying the inevitable, avoiding loss.

The Tower Tarot card reversed can be a sign that you have narrowly avoided a disaster. You will need to learn from the experience in order to prevent the lesson from coming back around again.

At times, The Tower Reversed can be a sign that you are resisting change and delaying the necessary destruction and upheaval. You may be in denial that change is occurring. Or you may be clinging to an old belief system even though you know they are no longer relevant or healthy for you.

The Star

The Star

UPRIGHT: Hope, faith, purpose, renewal, spirituality, inspiration, creativity, calm, contentment, serenity, healing, positivity.

The Star brings renewed hope and faith, and a sense that you are truly blessed by the Universe. You are entering a peaceful, loving phase in your life, filled with calm energy, mental stability and more in-depth understanding of both yourself and others around you. This is a time of significant personal growth and development as you are now ready to receive the many blessings of the Universe.

You may also want to find or rediscover a sense of meaning, inspiration, or purpose in your life. You are making some significant changes in your life, transforming yourself from the old you to the new you and, in doing so, you are bringing about a fresh perspective: "Out with the old and in with the new!" You are choosing the highest version of yourself. This is a profound spiritual journey that will bring greater meaning and purpose into your life and will renew your inner energy. Strip back any limiting beliefs, facades, or deceptions, and live in your authentic nature. Be open to new ideas and growth, and listen to the still voice within.

REVERSED: Lack of faith, despair, self-trust, disconnection, hopelessness, focusing on the negative, lack of inspiration, lack of creativity, boredom, monotony.

Are you feeling drained and have lost your lust for life? Maybe you are feeling hopeless and lost in a downward spiral of dispear at the moment. The Star reversed can signify that you have lost your confidence, your belief in yourself and your trust in your own abilities.

Now might be a time to seek professional help. There is no shame in getting the help you need when going through a rough time.

The Moon

The Moon

UPRIGHT: Illusion, fear, anxiety, subconscious, intuition, dreams, vagueness, instability, deception, misconception, insecurity.

The Moon can indicate a time of uncertainty and illusion, when nothing is what it seems. Be careful of making fast decisions when The Moon appears because you may later realize you only had half the information you needed. 

The Moon also indicates that you should pay attention to your dreams as your subconscious may be bringing your attention to some information you’ve missed. 

REVERSED: Release of fear, repressed emotion, inner confusion, unveiling secrets, subsiding anxiety, truth, regaining composure, self-deception, blocked intuition.

The Moon Tarot card reversed can signify releasing fears or negative energy clearing. It can also indicate secrets or lies being exposed.

The Moon Reversed can also show that you are receiving intuitive messages and psychic downloads but are struggling to understand what they mean for you. The message may be confusing, or your interpretation differs from what you read elsewhere. When The Moon is reversed, you are being called to listen to your inner voice, and not the voice of someone else. 

The Sun

The Sun

UPRIGHT: Positivity, fun, warmth, success, vitality, freedom, success, optimism, vitality, joy, confidence, self-expression, good luck, enthusiasm, happiness, truth, openness, pregnancy.

If you are going through a difficult time, The Sun brings you the message you have been waiting for: that things will get better, a lot better!

 You will find that people are drawn to the happy vibes and positive energy you are giving out and you will bring light and joy to everyone and everything you come into contact with. You will be feeling carefree, liberated and self-assured. 

REVERSED: Inner child, feeling down, overly optimistic, lack of enthusiasm, excessive enthusiasm, sadness, pessimism, unrealistic expectations, ego, conceitedness, oppression, miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion.c

This Sun may show that you are letting negative energy/thoughts close you off to the happiness and joy that is all around you. You have the power to change this by simply allowing yourself to be open to the positive things that are coming your way and by finding gratitude for the good things in your life.

The Sun is never a negative card, so this is only temporary. The obstacles you see can be easily removed if you put your mind to it. It may just take a bit more effort than usual.



UPRIGHT: Judgement, rebirth, inner calling, absolution, self-evaluation, awakening, renewal, composure, decisiveness, homesickness, snap judgements, apportioning blame, forgiveness.

Judgement can be an indication that you have achieved a level of clarity and composure that allows you to calmly evaluate yourself and your choices in order to make positive decisions.

The Judgement card often indicates that you need to make a life-changing decision, this decision requires a blend of intuition and intellect. You may be at a crossroads, aware that any choice you make will bring a significant change with long-lasting effects.

REVERSED: Self-doubt, inner critic, ignoring the call, indecisiveness, malicious gossip, lack of self-awareness, unwillingness to learn karmic lessons, unfair blame, false accusations.

Judgement reversed calls for a period of reflection and self-evaluation. Through meditation or quiet contemplation, you may arrive at a deep understanding of the universal themes weaving throughout your life and what you can do or change to avoid these situations. 

This card in a reversed position can be a sign that you may be refusing to learn the karmic lessons of the past. Or you may be reproaching yourself for past mistakes so much that you are unable to see the lessons to be learned from those mistakes. 

The World

The World

UPRIGHT: Completion, integration, accomplishment, travel, success, achievement, fulfilment, sense of belonging, wholeness.

This card could represent graduation, a marriage, the birth of a child, or achieving a long-held dream or aspiration. You have finally accomplished your goal or purpose. Everything has come together, and you are in the right place, doing the right thing, achieving what you have envisioned. You feel whole and complete.

 The universe is smiling upon you and luck is on your side when this card appears in your reading so grab the opportunities available to you. 

REVERSED: Seeking personal closure, short-cuts, delays, lack of success, stagnation, lack of achievement, disappointment, burden, lack of completion.

The World Tarot card reversed can indicate that you have not accomplished what you set out to do and things have become stagnant. You may have tried to take shortcuts instead of putting in the hard work necessary to achieve your dreams. You may be throwing all your energy into trying to make something work that is not working for you. 

The World Reversed can also indicate a time when you are close to finishing a project or goal, but for whatever reason, you lose focus and slack off right at the end. You only have a short way to go, so why stop now?



Minor Arcana  
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Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

UPRIGHT: Inspiration, new opportunities, growth, potential, new beginnings, good news, physically starting something, creative spark, new initiative, finding new passion, enthusiasm, urgency, accepting a challenge, potential, talent, growth, action, travel, excitement, getting in the game, getting fired up, spontaneity, fun, being bold/daring, fertility, birth, conception, new lease of life.

The Ace of Wands represents good news and new beginnings. It signifies taking action, physically starting something, new initiative and finding new passion, enthusiasm or spark.

The Ace of Wands encourages you to follow your heart and live your passion. If you feel a strong pull towards a new project or path, but are questioning whether it will work, then this card gives you a gentle nudge to pursue your passion. 

REVERSED: An emerging idea, lack of direction, distractions, delays, disappointing news, stopping something, creative blocks, lack of initiative/ passion/ assertiveness/ energy/ enthusiasm/ motivation/ growth/ action/ spark/ fun, slow, hesitant, missed opportunities, wasted talent/potential, infertility, pregnancy issues, cancelled travel, being too intense, stuck, bored, predictable.

The reversed Ace of Wands can suggest that you are finding it difficult to define your purpose in life and what you want to create. This lack of direction may sap your energy levels and leave you unmotivated and uninspired.

It can also represent creative blocks, wasted talent or potential and missed opportunities. You need to start taking the bull by the horns, what exactly are you waiting for?

Two of Wands

Two of Wands

UPRIGHT: Future planning, progress, decisions, discovery, two paths, options, planning, grass is always greener on the other side, emigration suddenly leaving, deciding to stay or go, waiting, anticipation, restlessness, detachment, withdrawal, wanderlust, lack of contentment, business partnerships, co-operation, expansion overseas, overseas travel.c

The Two of Wands signifies having two paths. When this card appears in your reading you have decisions to make or a choice between two options but remember the grass isn’t always greener on the other side! This card can signify overseas travel, sudden departures, emigration and deciding if you will stay or go. It can also indicate a lack of contentment with your life, restlessness, withdrawal and detachment. It can represent waiting, anticipation and wanderlust. It is also a card of cooperation, business partnerships or overseas expansion.

You are exploring your options and carefully plotting out the path ahead, accounting for all possibilities and potential challenges. You are open to growth and exploring new territories, so long as you maintain a level of certainty that your efforts will work out in the end.

REVERSED: Personal goals, inner alignment, fear of unknown, lack of planning, fear of change, indecisiveness, restricted options, fear of the unknown, staying put, cancelled emigration, deciding not go, being held back, choosing the safest option, self-doubt, disappointment, anti-climax, cancelled or delayed travel, choosing a mundane life, sudden arrival or return.

The Two of Wands reversed encourages you to draw your attention inwards and focus on your personal goals. Consider what is truly important to you and what lights you up. You may have headed in one direction, only to realise it wasn’t in full alignment with your deeper values and purpose.

It can represent staying put, deciding not to go, cancelled or delayed travel or cancelled emigration. The Two of Wands reversed can also signify choosing the safest bet, choosing a mundane life, anti-climax and self-doubt. It can also signify the sudden arrival or return of a person into your life.

Three of Wands

Three of Wands

UPRIGHT: Progress, expansion, foresight, overseas opportunities, travel, forward planning, moving forward, self-confidence, self-belief, freedom, success, happy with choices/outcome, hard work paying off, experiencing life, spreading your wings, adventure, long distance/ travel romance, fortune favours the brave, overseas trade/expansion, growth.

The Three of Wands represents freedom, adventure, travel, moving abroad and foreign lands. It can indicate hard work paying off, success and being happy with your choices or the outcome of your situation. This card also signifies foresight, forward planning, moving forward, growth and expansion. 

The Three of Wands signals the many chances available to you to broaden your horizons through study, travel, business enterprise and learning. You are becoming more aware of the opportunities that exist for you right now – and there are still more to come.

REVERSED: Playing small, lack of foresight, unexpected delays, returning travels, moving home, holding on to the past, haunted by the past, lack of confidence, self-doubt, restriction, failure, disappointed with choices/outcome, frustration, clipped wings, lack of progress/ adventure/growth, failed long distance relationship, failed overseas trade/expansion.

The Three of Wands represents moving back home, returning from travels and homeland. It can indicate restriction, lack of progress, adventure or growth, failure and being unhappy with your choices or disappointed with the outcome of your situation. This card also signifies lack of foresight or forward planning or holding on the past and being haunted by it.

Three of Wands can indicate that your plans might come to a grinding halt with unexpected delays and other frustrating obstacles. You may need to wait on others to complete a task, or you have under-estimated how much time the work involves.

Four of Wands

Four of Wands

UPRIGHT: Celebration, joy, harmony, relaxation, homecoming, happy families, reunion, coming home, celebrations, surprises, parties, weddings, events, feeling welcome, community or family coming together, community spirit, teamwork, success, prosperity, stability, security, laying down roots, pride, self-esteem, being proud of achievements.

The Four of Wands tells you that after a period of rapid growth and expansion, it's now time to pause and celebrate what you have achieved so far. Step back for a moment and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Acknowledge your hard work and give yourself permission to take a small break before embarking on the next phase of your journey. It’s essential you observe these smaller milestones.

The Four of Wands represents happy families, celebrations, surprises, parties, weddings and events. It signifies coming home and reunions, feeling like you fit in and being made to feel welcome and supported. This card indicates success, prosperity, stability, security and laying down roots. It tells you that you will be proud of your achievements and that your self-esteem will be high when it appears. It also represents team work, community spirit and communities or families coming together. 

REVERSED: Personal celebration, inner harmony, conflict with others, transition, unhappy families, postponed/ cancelled reunion, leaving home, cancelled celebrations/surprises/parties/ weddings/ events, being jilted, feeling unwelcome, not fitting in, community divided, lack of community spirit, lack of support/ success/ teamwork/achievement, instability, insecurity, neglect, uprooting, self-doubt.

 The Four of Wands reversed represents unhappy families, being jilted or cancelled celebrations, surprises, parties, or events. It can signify leaving home, postponed or cancelled reunions, feeling like you don’t fit in, not being made to feel welcome and lack of support. 

It may point to a lack of harmony or a breakdown in communication in your family or household. Tension might be rumbling between family members or loved ones, and you keep finding yourself getting caught up in other people’s concerns and relationship problems.

Five of Wands

Five of Wands

UPRIGHT: Conflict, disagreements, competition, tension, diversity, fighting, arguments, rows, struggle, opposition, battles, aggression, temper, clashing personalities/egos, strikes, chaos, unruliness, being defensive/ territorial, assertive, pent up energy/aggression, lack of control/ cooperation, frustration, irritation, competition, adrenaline, sports, being rough, petty.

The Five of Wands represents rows, arguments, conflict, fighting and disagreements. It signifies struggle, opposition, battles, aggression and temper. It can also represent being rough, defensive or territorial and can signify competition and sports.

The Five of Wands also encourages diversity and differences of opinion. You may deal with people from different cultures and backgrounds and struggle to accept their way of living. Know that each person has something unique to bring to the table and that you will benefit by learning more about them and what they have to offer.

​REVERSED: Inner conflict, conflict avoidance, tension release, compromise, end of conflict/ row/ struggle, reaching agreements, peace, harmony, battle fatigue, fear of confrontation, shyness, intimidation, suppressed temper, finding solutions, cooperation, control, focus, order, lack of competition, war, looking for an argument, extreme aggression, short fuse, cancelled sports event.c

The Five of Wands reversed can suggest that you have the tendency to avoid conflict wherever feasible. You may find that any tension makes you feel uneasy, and you wish it would just go away. So, you deflect a lot of that energy and ignore the problem, if there is one.

It an also mean an ending struggles, finding common ground or solutions, reaching agreements, compromise, cooperation, peace and harmony.

Six of Wands

Six of Wands

UPRIGHT: Success, public recognition, progress, self-confidence, victory, winning, advantage, triumph, achievement, praise, acclaim, awards, recognition, applause, goodwill, fame, celebrity, being a leader, stability, strength, confidence, self-esteem.

The Six of Wands appears when you have reached an important milestone or achieved a significant goal, and you are confident, self-assured, and successful. You harnessed your strengths and talents to bring about a happy outcome in your endeavours.

It is a card of fame, celebrity, fans, well-wishers, supporters, crowds and being in the spotlight. It indicates that someone is being a leader, riding high, confident and proud with high self-esteem. It is a card of strength and stability and can also represent successful campaigns and winning battles.

REVERSED: Private achievement, fall from grace, egotism, failure, losing, disadvantage, disgrace, treachery, disloyalty, disappointment, broken promises, weakness, fame hungry, diva, arrogant, egotistical, pride before a fall, unsuccessful campaign.

The reversed Six of Wands encourages you to create your own definition of success. If you have found yourself seeking approval and validation or comparing yourself to others, you may have stripped yourself of your personal power and self-belief. Not all successes are publicly acknowledged, some can be kept to ourselves.

It can also indicate failure, loss , the feeling of being disadvataged or ignored by others.

Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

UPRIGHT: Challenge, competition, protection, perseverance, standing up for beliefs, fighting your corner, defensive, determined, opposing, stamina, holding your own, maintaining control, territorial, assertive, forceful, relentless, strong will, under attack, blame, harassment, scapegoat, resisting, busy, hectic, demanding.

You are sucessful and doing well in life and this can lead to jealousy. This card is showing you that you may have to defend your position aand be wary of any haters and trolls who try to bring you down.

It can also mean you need to stick to your guns over a decision that others are opposed to.

REVERSED: Exhaustion, giving up, overwhelmed, admitting defeat, yielding, quitting, surrendering, weakness, being timid, lack of courage, failing to defend, resolution, burn-out.

Maybe you are surrounded by nay sayers and those who are not confident in your abilities, you may even be starting to believe tham and are starting to think you need to quit.

This card reversed is reminding you that you can never win over everyone, there will always be those ready to put you down, sometimes even your own thoughts, but if you ignore these doubts you can be successful.

Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands

UPRIGHT: Movement, fast paced change, action, alignment, air travel, hastiness, speed, progress, rushing, exciting times, travel, freedom, holiday, holiday romances, taking off, gaining momentum, ahead, thinking on your feet, sudden action, hard work paying off, results, solutions, energetic, positive, infatuation, obsession, being swept off your feet, jumping in.

The Eight of Wands encourages you to go with the flow; don’t resist it. Everything is moving fast right now, so make the most of this forward momentum to manifest your goals and dreams.

Whatever you turn your hand to at the moment will take off at great speed and gain momentum. You will be feeling positive and energetic. You will be thinking on your feet, seeing results and finding solutions.

REVERSED: Delays, frustration, resisting change, internal alignment, slowness, lack of speed/ movement/ action/ results, slow progress, restriction, bad timing, losing momentum, missed opportunities, late start, unfinished business, lack of energy, negativity, lack of romance, panicked, hysterical, impatient, impulsive, out of control.

 The Eight of Wands reversed represents slowness, slow progress and lack of speed, movement or action. It can signify late starts, bad timing, losing momentum, missed opportunities and unfinished business. 

The Eight of Wands reversed can warn that you are resisting change, trying to stop the flow of energy and movement. It will only make things harder, so let go and be in the flow. If you have been feeling stuck, do things differently (new routines, locations, activities) and get the energy moving once again.

Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands

UPRIGHT: Resilience, courage,test of faith, boundaries, ongoing battle, battle weary, fatigue, drained of energy, nearly there, close to success, courage, persistence, perseverance, backbone, learning from past failure, gather your strength, fight your corner, last stand, guarded, wounded, expecting trouble, holding out, not working out as planned, setbacks, strength of will.

The Nine of Wands encourages you to keep pushing – you are so close to the finish line. Even if you want to give up, this is your final challenge before you reach your goal, so don’t let go of your hopes and dreams when you are so close to making them a reality. Stand firm in the face of your challenges, and you will achieve your goal.

The advice of the Nine of Wands is to establish your boundaries and fiercely protect those lines. If you allowed others to stand in your way or deplete your energy, it is likely that you have not asserted yourself effectively with those people to protect yourself. 

REVERSED: Inner resources, struggle, overwhelm, defensive, paranoia, refusing to compromise/ give in, stubborn, rigid, obstinate, last one standing, not learning from past, no fight left, chronic fatigue, stalemate, retreat, withdrawal, falling at the final hurdle, lack of courage/ persistence/ perseverance/ backbone, weakness, dropping your guard, unexpected trouble, giving up, chip on shoulder.

The Nine of Wands reversed can appear when you feel overcome by your responsibilities or lack the support of those around you. It seems as if life is all work and no play. If you know this is a temporary setback, you may just need to push through it for now so you can get to the finish line. 

 The Nine of Wands reversed can also indicate weakness of will, chronic fatigue and lack of courage, persistence or perseverance.  It can represent not learning from past mistakes or falling at the final hurdle. This card can signify dropping your guard or encountering unexpected trouble. ​

Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands

UPRIGHT: Burden, extra responsibility, hard work, completion, cverburdened, overloaded, stress, problems, weight on shoulders, duty, drudgery, obligation, saddled, restricted, burn-out, uphill struggle, taken for granted, taking on too much, delays, struggle, resistance,  lost your way, lost focus, major challenges, lack of fun/ spontaneity, keep going, end in sight.

The Ten of Wands represents a situation that started off as a good idea but has now become a burden. It signifies problems, responsibilities, being overburdened, overloaded and stressed. It indicates that you have a huge weight on your shoulders and you feeling obligated, saddled and restricted.

Sometimes, the Ten of Wands appears when you are unconsciously taking on extra responsibility and finding yourself feeling weighed down, exhausted and burnt out. You may try to do everything at once, even though you know it is adding extra pressure to your daily life.

REVERSED: Doing it all, carrying the burden, delegation, release, insurmountable problems, flogging a dead horse, duty-bound, resigned to fate, too much responsibility/ stress, cross too heavy to bear, collapse, breakdown, no stamina, not up to the challenge, working hard but getting nowhere, learning to say no, off-loading, dumping, shirking duties/responsibilities, letting go.

When the Ten of Wands reversed appears in a Tarot reading, it is often a sign that you are trying to do too much by yourself. In your effort to be everything to everyone, you have found yourself struggling under the weight of it all.

When reversed, this card can signify insurmountable problems, flogging a dead horse and working hard but getting nowhere. It suggests that you are pushing yourself so far that you are on the brink of a collapse or a breakdown. It can also indicate being duty bound and resigned to your fate or having no stamina and not being up to the challenges you are facing. Alternatively, it can represent letting go, learning to say no, off-loading, dumping and shirking duties or responsibilities. 

Princess of Wands

Princess of Wands

UPRIGHT: Inspiration, discovery, limitless potential, free spirit, good news, swift news, letters, phone calls, word of mouth, fresh, cheerful, childlike, fun playful, active, optimistic, full of energy, bright ideas, new exciting plans, creativity, lovable rogue, charismatic, free-thinking, confident, intelligent, extroverted, fearless, rushing into things, finding your passion.

The Princess of Wands represents good news that should be coming to you swiftly or shortly. This may take the form of letters, phone calls or word of mouth. This card also signifies having bright ideas about what you can do, being inspired or creative, making new exciting plans, thinking big and finding something you are passionate about..

The Princess of Wands can appear when a spiritual path or journey may be calling you. You have a curious mind and are intrigued to see where this call might lead. While you are very much the novice when it comes to this spiritual endeavour, you are open to the experience and keen to discover new levels of consciousness. You may benefit from working with a wise mentor, someone who has walked your path before and can now lead you forward.

REVERSED: Newly-formed ideas, redirecting energy, self-limiting beliefs, a spiritual path, hasty, gullible, impatient, lack of energy/ ideas/ creativity/ ambition/ goals/plans, lazy, lethargic pessimistic, spoiled, loud mouth, tantrums, problem/inner child, delinquent, lack of confidence, self-conscious, close-minded, predictable, fearful, boring, procrastinating, failure to act, feeling uninspired, not finding your passion.

The Princess of Wands reversed can indicate that your eagerness to start something new has been hampered by complexities, obstacles and opposition, which has resulted in a lack of motivation and indecisiveness about your path forward.

This card reversed can indicate that you may be lacking ideas or creativity or feeling uninspired or demotivated. However, it also suggests that you may be procrastinating and putting things off rather than taking action to make things happen. It can indicate a failure to launch a project, restricted thinking or not being able to find something you are passionate about when it appears in your Tarot spread. 

Prince of Wands

Prince of Wands

UPRIGHT: Energy, passion, inspired action, impulsiveness, being hasty, adventurous, energetic, charming, warm, exciting, fearless, confident, self-assured, hero, rebellious, brave, revolutionary, open minded, free spirit, sexy, warm, shameless flirt, hot tempered, travel, moving country, swept off your feet, finishing what you start, success, taking risks.

The Prince of Wands gives you the feeling you can take on the world! You are so committed to your vision and purpose that you will stop at nothing to bring it to life. As you pursue your goals, your confidence skyrockets, and you realise that your potential is limitless. You can do anything!

The Prince of Wands indicates that things are going better than you expected and any ventures you have taken on are likely to be more successful than you hoped.  You should be full of energy, enthusiasm and confidence and should be feeling fearless and brave when it appears in your Tarot reading.

REVERSED: Passion project, haste, scattered energy, delays, frustration, arrogant, reckless, hyperactive, daredevil, overly confident, loud, show-off, lack self-discipline/ control, passive, fearful, lack of enthusiasm/ ambition/ purpose, chip on shoulder, violent, abusive, jealous, volatile, extremely aggressive/ hasty, overly competitive, domineering , not finishing what you start, cancelled travel.

The Prince of Wands reversed indicates that things are not going as well as you expected and any ventures you have taken on are likely to experience delays or setback.  You may be lacking ambition, enthusiasm or self-discipline to make your ventures a success and could be feeling fearful and passive when it appears in your Tarot reading. 

Conversely, the reversed Knight of Wands suggests that you may be acting impulsively, trying to accomplish everything at once. You are rushing from one task to the other, without focusing on the details or ensuring sustainable success. This may appear to work in the short-term, but long-term you could end up burning yourself out or falling short of your goals. Slow down and know that you don’t need to do everything at once.

Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

UPRIGHT: Courage, confidence, independence, social butterfly, determination, energetic, vivacious, strong, courageous, passionate, funny, independent, confident, optimistic, outgoing, assertive, sexy, chaotic, hot tempered, forgetful, efficient, accomplishing many tasks, efficiency, motherhood, fertility, a lot of balls in the air, helping others, organising your life, taking charge.

 The Queen of Wands represents mature female or feminine person who is energetic, vivacious, strong, courageous and passionate.  She may be a fire sign such as Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. She is independent, confident, optimistic, outgoing and assertive and she has an abundance of sex appeal and a great sense of humour.

The Queen of Wands asks you to be bold in your undertakings and actions. Don’t be afraid to own your real power and put it out into the world. You have so much to offer – so shine your light bright! Believe in yourself and what you stand for, and don't be afraid to speak up and be heard. No one will silence you.

REVERSED: Self-respect, self-confidence, introverted, re-establish sense of self, pushy, demanding, overbearing, self-righteous, busybody, bully, unfriendly, jealous, catty, manipulative, spiteful, vengeful, malicious, liar, deceitful, unfaithful, trouble-maker, low confidence/ self-esteem/ self-belief, temperamental, overwhelmed, exhausted, burnt out, fertility issues.

You may be exhausted and heading for burn out when she appears! On the flip side, it can indicate that you are being overbearing or sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong when it appears. If you can offer support to people in need, then do. However, remember, if you interfere in someone else’s business they may not thank you! 

The Queen of Wands reversed can also suggest that you may be more introverted than usual. Instead of being the social butterfly and centre of attention, you prefer to linger on the sidelines and watch what is going on. That’s perfectly okay – honour your needs and feelings and don’t push yourself to be extroverted and ‘out there’ when you don’t want to be. You may also feel called to spend more time alone so you can connect with your inner self and hear your inner voice.

King of Wands

The King of Wands

UPRIGHT: Natural-born leader, vision, entrepreneur, honour, energetic, experience, optimistic, confident, strong, friendly, funny, charming, way with words, fearless, freethinking, motivated, action-orientated, proud, passionate, honest, loyal, lenient, dependable, protective, self-centred, controlling, hot tempered, taking control, daring to be different.

The King of Wands indicates that you will have the energy, experience and enthusiasm to accomplish what you set out to achieve at this time. You are taking control of your life. You will motivate those around you, lead the way forward and set a good example for those who look up to you. 

The King of Wands reminds you to lead your life with intent, vision and a long-term view. You have a grand idea of what is truly possible, and you will stop at nothing to see it through. 

REVERSED: Impulsiveness, haste, ruthless, high expectations, rude, boorish, forceful, bully, dictator, tyrant, abusive, nasty, vicious, bitter, weak, unreliable,  lack of energy/ experience/ enthusiasm, breaking promises, womaniser, volatile temper, taking a back seat, setting a bad example, afraid to be different, not being proactive, undependable, ineffective, powerless.

The King of Wands reversed suggests that while you are in a leadership position, you are not ready to step into that role. You may be the creative or visionary person in your work, but you have not yet developed a sense of comfort with leading others towards your vision. 

 On the flipside, you may be trying to control everyone and everything around you with bullying tactics, aggression or brute force.  As a person, the King of Wands reversed, is a mature male who is rude, boorish, forceful and controlling and is a bully, dictator or tyrant. He may be impulsive, abusive and extremely aggressive and excessively proud, stubborn or egotistical.


Minor Arcana

Pentacles Coins, Disks, Rings  
Suit Diamonds  
Element Earth  
Class Merchants  
Faculty Material body or possessions  
Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: A new opportunity, manifestation, abundance, new financial opportunities, new job, new business, money, investments, savings, prosperity, security, stability, abundance.

The Ace of Pentacles is a sign that you can go ahead with your plans, you are on the right track and through careful planning and determined effort, you can manifest your goals and desires.

It is a very good card to get in a Tarot spread as it signifies starting something new which will be very positive for you. You should be feeling very optimistic when this card appears as it brings with it feelings of positivity, inspiration and new exciting energy.

REVERSED: Lost opportunity, lack of planning and foresight, lack of money, poor financial control, lost opportunities, excessive spending, scarcity, deficiency, instability, insecurity, greed, penny pinching.

The Ace of Pentacles reversed represents missed opportunities or lack of opportunities. It is not a good card to get in a Tarot spread as it can represent opportunities, prospects or deals falling through.

It can also signify delays, lack of planning and poor control so make sure you are putting the work and planning into achieving your goals when it appears.

Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Multiple priorities, time management, prioritisation, adaptability, balance, trying to find balance, resourcefulness, ups and downs, flexibility, juggling life, juggling money, balancing books, transferring money, profit and loss, income and outgoings, financial decisions, financial stress, partnerships.

The Two of Pentacles can indicate that you are trying to find or maintain the balance between various areas of your life. This card represents the ups and downs of life and indicates that you are resourceful, adaptable and flexible enough to get through them. 

Similarly, the Two of Pentacles can appear when you are getting caught up in the day-to-day demands and losing sight of the bigger picture.

REVERSED: Over-committed, disorganisation, reprioritisation, lacking balance, poor financial decisions, overwhelmed, overextending yourself, biting off more than you can chew, too many balls in the air, financial losses, no contingency plan, financial mess.

The reversed Two of Pentacles can be a sign you are over-investing in one area of your life at the expense of others. For example, you may excel in your career, but have little time for your family or your partner, leaving them feeling disconnected and alone.

 The Two of Pentacles reversed can signify that you are making poor choices because you are under pressure and may be getting yourself into more of a mess than you need to. It can also indicate that you need to put contingency plans in place for a rainy day.

Three of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Teamwork, collaboration, learning, implementation, apprenticeship, studying, growing, hard work, commitment, building on success, determination, goals, dedication, quality, attention to detail, tradesperson, achievements, recognition, reward, hard work paying off, effort, motivation​.

In a general context, the Three of Pentacles is a positive card to get in a Tarot spread. It represents learning, studying and apprenticeship. It also signifies hard work, determination, dedication and commitment so whatever you are doing at the moment, you are likely to be giving it 100%. It also signifies building on success or foundations. You have worked hard to overcome your challenges and the effort you have put in should be paying off.

The Three of Pentacles, like the Threes in the other suits, marks the initial stages of implementation that follow the Ace‘s idea phase and the planning step of the Two. You know what you want to create; you’ve laid out the plans, gathered your resources (money, people and time), and set to work – you may have already reached your first significant milestone.

REVERSED: Disharmony, misalignment, working alone, not learning from mistakes, unwillingness to learn, lack of growth, poor work ethic, lack of commitment, mistakes, lack of effort, lack of teamwork, apathy, no determination, no goals, no dedication, no motivation, poor quality work.

Reversed, the Three of Pentacles suggests you may be grappling with a lack of harmony with fellow team members, making it difficult to complete a project. You’re not on the same page as one another, or you’re not listening or valuing one another’s opinions and ideas.

The Three of Pentacles reversed is not a great card to get in a Tarot spread as it indicates that you are not learning from your mistakes or are unwilling to do so. You may be overwhelmed with the sense that you do not know what you are doing. However, you are not putting the effort into learning! This card signifies a poor work ethic and a lack of effort, determination or commitment.

Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Saving money, security, conservatism, scarcity, control, holding on to people/possessions/ issues, deep seated/past issues, hoarding, stinginess, possessiveness, financial stability, financial security, saving for big purchases or retirement, greed, materialism, wealth, penny-pinching, isolation, boundaries, keeping to yourself, lack of openness.

The Four of Pentacles Tarot card can indicate that you are holding on to people, possessions, situations or past issues. It can be an indication that there are deep seated issues affecting you that you need to process and let go of. This card can indicates that you may be trying very hard to cling onto the people or possessions that give you a sense of security. You may be holding onto things in an unhealthy, possessive, controlling or toxic way or someone may be holding onto you in such a manner.

In its most positive state, the Four of Pentacles suggests that you have created wealth and abundance by maintaining a steady focus on your goals and acting conservatively. You are attentive to your long-term financial security, actively saving money and watching your expenses so you can accumulate wealth and live a comfortable lifestyle not just now but also in the future.

 REVERSED: Over-spending, greed, self-protection, shedding the old, letting go of people, possessions or issues, generosity, sharing, giving to others, making large purchases, openness, generous to a fault, financial insecurity/ instability, financial loss, losing something valuable, reckless behaviour, lack of control, gambling, theft.

The Four of Pentacles reversed can indicate that money is slipping through your fingers and your spending habits exceed your saving habits. You may be spending unconsciously, hoping it will bring happiness, but all it does is bring you more stress and anxiety as your bank balance declines.

 You may be releasing toxic people or situations that are no longer healthy for you, shedding old issues or letting go of regrets or fears. You may also be feeling generous and sharing your wealth or possessions by giving to others. Be careful not to go to the extreme in this aspect and allow others to take advantage of you.

Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Financial loss, poverty, lack mindset, isolation, worry, temporary financial hardship, negative change in circumstances, feeling left out in the cold, recession, feeling the world is against you, adversity, struggle, hardship, bad luck, homelessness, unemployment, financial ruin, bankruptcy, outcast, alienation, illness, divorce, breakups, scandal, disgrace.

The Five of Pentacles is not a great card to get as it represents hardship, rejection or a negative change in circumstances. You may be feeling like the world is against you and nothing is going your way when it appears. It can signify bad luck, struggles or adversity.

In this time of need, the Five of Pentacles indicates that you feel isolated and alone. You feel as if you have been left in the cold. You may wonder, “Why is no-one coming to help me!?” It may appear as if no one cares anymore.

REVERSED: Recovery from financial loss, end of hardship, positive change, becoming financially secure, making progress, overcoming adversity, paying off debts, forgiveness, health improvement/ treatment, being welcomed/accepted, becoming employed, improving/letting go of relationships.

The Five of Pentacles reversed indicates an end to difficult times, particularly if you have recently suffered a major financial hit or job loss. You may find new sources of income, a new job, or someone has offered to help you out while you get back on your feet.

 This card can also represent illnesses improving, recovering from problems and being accepted or welcomed back after a period of alienation or isolation. 

Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Giving, receiving, sharing wealth, generosity, charity, gifts, charity, donations, money, community, assistance, support, employment, sharing, kindness, wealth, prosperity, power, authority, control, investors, gratitude, being valued, being well paid, rewards for hard work, fairness, equality.

The Six of Pentacles Tarot card represents gifts, kindness and generosity. Someone in your life may be very generous towards you with gifts or money or simply generous with their time, knowledge or wisdom.

Even if you are not financially wealthy, you offer up your time, energy, love and support to those who are in need, knowing it will be appreciated. Giving of your time or your wisdom is often just as spiritually fulfilling as giving away money or gifts, and the intangible gift of your presence is received just as well, if not better.

REVERSED: Self-care, unpaid debts, one-sided charity, lack/abuse of generosity, abuse of power or position, gifts with strings attached, subservience, inequality, lack of charity, scams, fake charity, extortion, unemployment, lack of investment, underpaid, undervalued, poor financial decisions, greed, meanness, gullibility, kiss-ass.

The Six of Pentacles reversed reminds you to make sure you are also giving to yourself. A little self-care will go a long way, especially if you have been in giving mode for a long time.

This card reversed can signify lack of charity or community spirit. It can also represent fake charities, scams, extortion or being conned. When it appears you may need to assess if you are going to the extreme of being too greedy or mean or the other extreme of being too generous or gullible. 

Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Long-term view, perseverance, investment, things coming to fruition, hard work paying off, harvest, rewards, profits, results, pay-outs, manifestation of ideas or goals, inheritance, cultivation, growing, gestation, nurturing, perseverance, patience, planning, reviewing, taking stock, questioning, crossroads, approaching retirement, finishing what you started.

The Seven of Pentacles shows you understand the value of putting in time and energy now for longer-term rewards and have a strong desire to invest in sustainable results. You are not looking for quick wins. You also want to make sure you are putting your attention on the right areas instead of wasting time and effort on tasks that will not deliver any value.

It can also signify being at a crossroads in terms of which life direction to take or needing to take stock of things and make a decision. The Seven of Pentacles can represent manifestation of ideas, ambitions or goals so now is a great time to focus on what you want to achieve and make it happen. It is also a card of harvesting, cultivation, growing, planning, patience and finishing what you started.​

REVERSED: Lack of long-term vision, limited success or reward, bad business/financial management, not finishing what you started, laziness, aimlessness, procrastination, not putting effort in, cash flow problems, waste, lack of growth, setbacks, delay, impatience, frustration, postponed retirement, lack of reward, workaholic, not taking stock, lack of reflection, change of plans.

The Seven of Pentacles Tarot card reversed can indicate that you may have been working very hard or putting lots of effort into something for little pay or reward. It can also indicate someone taking on too much, overdoing it or being a workaholic.

The Seven of Pentacles reversed suggests your efforts may be scattered at this time and you are questioning whether you are investing in the right areas. You may outlay some initial money on things that will not produce ‘fruit’. Or, what you thought would make you happy is creating stress and anxiety and isn’t worth the effort. 

Eight of Pentacles

Eight of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Apprenticeship, repetitive tasks, mastery, skill development, new job, self-employment, building business, trade, reputation, craftsmanship, quality, master, expertise, hard work, commitment, dedication, concentration, success, accomplishment, ambition, confidence, financial security, results, rewards, achieving goals, attention to detail, productivity, scholarship, qualifications.

The Eight of Pentacles is a card of apprenticeship and mastery. When this card appears in a Tarot reading, you are working hard to improve your skills and become a master at what you do. You may have recently changed your work, education or financial circumstances, and now you are applying your sheer determination and concentration to master the new skill that you are learning. 

It may seem boring, mundane or even relentless at the moment but you are on the brink of achieving great success, so don’t give up. The skills you are learning at the moment will stand to you later in life and you will come away from this experience not only with the inner wisdom you've gained but with a sense of pride and self-confidence from achieving your ambitions. 

​REVERSED: Self-development, perfectionism, misdirected activity, repetitive or boring job, failure, lack of effort/confidence/commitment/ambition/focus, shoddy workmanship, poor quality, rush job, bad reputation, carelessness, poor concentration/productivity, mediocrity, financial insecurity, scams, overspending, debt, laziness, under-qualified, workaholic, materialistic, mean, dead-end career, biting off more than you can chew.

The Eight of Pentacles Tarot card reversed can indicate laziness, idleness, carelessness, lack of effort or poor concentration. Alternatively, it can indicate focusing on one area to such an extreme that you neglect the other areas of your life such as being mean and materialistic and neglecting your love life or family life or your soul.

Alternatively, the Eight of Pentacles reversed may indicate that you are focused on creating perfection, but to your detriment. When you focus on every tiny detail, you lose sight of the bigger picture and why you're doing the task in the first place. 

Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Abundance, luxury, self-sufficiency, financial independence, financial stability/security, profit, prosperity, wealth, property, rewards through hard work, collecting on investments, thriving business, status, freedom, wisdom, maturity, indulgence, contentment, self-discipline/ control/ reliance, sophistication, elegance, grace, beauty, pregnancy, birth, menopause, mature or independent woman, retirement, taking it easy.

The Nine of Pentacles is a great omen to get as it represents success, independence, confidence, freedom, security and stability. It is a card of abundance, prosperity and wealth gained through hard work, self-discipline and control and self-reliance. It signifies that you have worked very hard to create the success and status you are experiencing and now is the time to enjoy it. So indulge yourself, pamper yourself and enjoy the luxury and contentment your accomplishments bring you. 

While the suit of Pentacles typically focuses on material wealth and gain, this card also suggests that you are in harmony with the environment around you. You appreciate the beauty and abundance found in nature, and you can harness this high-vibe energy to bring pleasure into your life. You may enjoy gardening or floristry, or you may just like to pass your time in the beauty of nature with picnics or walks in the park.

REVERSED: Self-worth, over-investment in work, hustling, Lack of independence/stability/security, reckless spending, shady investments, working too hard, not earning your wealth, gold-digger, marrying for money/ status, sex trafficking/exploitation/work, dishonesty, deceit, theft, property damage, con artist, scams, cheap, superficial, no style, failure, lack of self-discipline, lack of sophistication/elegance, over-indulgence, miscarriage, termination, reproductive issues.

The Nine of Pentacles reversed can indicate a lack of independence, confidence, freedom, security or stability. This Minor Arcana card in a reversed position can signify that someone may be trying to get rewards without putting the work in. You get out of life what you put in so make the effort. Also, it warns you to remember that material possessions are not the key to happiness and putting all the focus on them can cause people to become superficial and come across as cheap, shallow or tacky.

Sometimes, the reversed Nine of Pentacles can appear when you are so busy working and hustling that you have no time or energy to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Wealth, financial security, family, long-term success, contribution, unexpected financial windfall, lump sum, will, deeds, trust funds, inheritance, solid foundations, privilege, inherited issues, ancestry, family home/ business/ responsibilities/ values/ support/ issues/ riches, old money, affluence, business empire, domestic bliss, contracts, pensions, long term financial security/ stability, being conventional/traditional, settling down, pre-nuptials, marriage, marrying into money. 

When the Ten of Pentacles appears in a Tarot reading, you are surrounded by wealth and blessed with financial abundance. There is no ‘wanting’ for any more; you have everything you need, especially within the material realm.

You may be feeling very close to your family at this time, as the Ten of Pentacles can signify domestic harmony. Or you may be looking forward to a family event, celebration or gathering.

REVERSED: The dark side of wealth, financial failure or loss, disputed inheritance/ being excluded from/not leaving a will, unexpected changes, financial disaster, bankruptcy, huge losses/debts, collapse of an empire, illegal activity, money laundering, rocky foundations, losing everything, family feuds/ burdens/ neglect, domestic disputes, fighting over money, divorce, “new money”, faking wealth/affluence, instability, breaking traditions, unconventional, marrying for money, cold-heartedness.  c

There is an element of dishonesty associated with this reversed card and a warning to steer clear or illegal or shady activities as they will not go well for you.  It is not a great card to get in relation to family as it can signify family feuds, family burdens, neglecting the family, domestic disputes and disputes over a will or inheritance.

The reversed Ten of Pentacles comes as a reminder that sometimes, wealth can be a trap. When you surround yourself with expensive things and live a luxurious lifestyle, you may want more and more and more, never feeling satisfied with what you have.

Princess of Pentacles

Princess of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Manifestation, financial opportunity, skill development, good news in earthly matters, solid beginnings, setting goals, developing a plan, laying the foundations, taking advantage of opportunities, jumping in, consistency, excellent prospects, excelling in or seeking education/ training, ambitions, decide what you want and go for it, grounded young person, loyal, faithful, dependable, healthy lifestyle, Tarot/ divination, earth magic, nature. 

The Princess of Pentacles is the bearer of good news in earthly matters such as money, business, education, career, property or health. It represents making a solid start or laying the foundation for future success.

When this card appears, you are tapping into your ability to manifest a personal goal or dream and may be in the midst of a new project such as a hobby, business venture, or the start of a new educational experience. 

REVERSED: Lack of progress, procrastination, learn from failure, bad news in earthly matters, lack of goals, lacking common sense, irresponsible, lazy, foolish, immature, sullen, rebellious, no groundwork, no follow through, unworkable plan, underachiever, not taking advantage of opportunities, poor prospects, failing/dropping out, learning difficulties, frustration, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, unhealthy lifestyle, obsession with Tarot/ divination, dark magic.

The Princess of Pentacles reversed can be the bearer of bad news in earthly matters. However, often it is an indicator that your present challenges are not due to some outside or unseen force, but rather a consequence of your own behaviour or inaction. It can indicate that lack of goals or lack of follow through may be holding you back and preventing you from reaching your potential.

It can also suggest that you are trying to get a specific project or idea off the ground, but each time you try, it seems to amount to nothing or takes you even further away from where you want to be.

Prince of Pentacles

Prince of Pentacles Meaning

UPRIGHT: Hard work, productivity, routine, conservatism, patient, practical, loyal, responsible, persistence, protective, defensive, conservative, stubborn, ambitious, profit, environmentally conscious, getting back to nature.

This Prince is the most hard-working, methodical and detailed-oriented character of the Tarot deck. He may not be the most inspiring or creative, but he'll do the work to get the results he seeks, even if that work is highly repetitive or routine.

Because of you are working methodically towards your goals. You have a plan in place and are sticking to your schedule to get the job done. You may not work particularly quickly, but you are consistent, dedicated and committed to your goal. And because of this it takes time.

REVERSED: Self-discipline, boredom, feeling 'stuck', perfectionism, impatient, lazy, apathy, lack of common sense, unstable, unskilled, unreliable, disloyal, irresponsible, weak, unconscientious, broken promises, obstinate, ultra-conservative, pessimistic, obsessed with materialism, workaholic.

Are you lacking the self-discipline and commitment to achieve your goals? Are making promises you can't keep? This reversed Prince could mean you need to pull your socks up and take responsibility for your actions and promises.

It can also mean you are working so much that you are becoming a bore and need to take some chill time.

Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Nurturing, practical, providing financially, a working parent, mature grounded female, businesswoman, high social status/social butterfly, generous, loyal, prosperity, success, financially independent, wealth, luxury, homemaker, the finer things in life, down to earth, organised, sensible, practical, no-nonsense, kind, welcoming, witch, healer, wonderful mother.

The Queen of Pentacles represents high social status, prosperity, wealth, luxury, success and financial independence. This Minor Arcana card tells you to approach issues in a sensible, practical, no-nonsense manner and you will be successful. She tells you to set goals and work towards them steadily.

Similarly, the Queen of Pentacles suggests that it is important to you to live independently, with a stable income and with enough time and space to also nurture your loved ones.

REVERSED: Financial independence, self-care, work-home conflict, ungrounded, overly ambitious, social climber, meanspirited, shallow, sociopath, jealous, possessive, wicked, out of control, under/overweight/ unhealthy, disloyal, cheater, sex trafficking/exploitation/work, disorganised, impractical, chaos, poverty, pretentious, boring, neglect, manipulation, dark magic, bad mother, dangerous, stuck in a rut.

The Queen of Pentacles represents a lack of social status, poverty, failure, dependence and being out of control. This card warns you that if you do not keep your feet on the ground you could lose everything you value. She signifies a lack of common sense or an impractical, dangerous or chaotic approach to life.

The Queen of Pentacles reversed also suggests that you are nurturing yourself on a personal level. You may be preparing nutritious meals, going on retreat alone, and generally paying more attention to yourself and your needs. 

King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Wealth, business, leadership, security, discipline, abundance, mature grounded male, successful, wealthy businessman, bettering yourself, not a risk-taker, empire, thriving, high status, stability, security, enterprising, provider, cautious, careful, loyal, faithful, dependable, supporting, encouraging, conservative, principled, reaching goals, hard work will pay off, seeing things through to the end.

The King of Pentacles represents trying to better oneself, hard work paying off, reaching goals, seeing things through to the end and being proud of your achievements. This card can represent reaching high social status and being enterprising, resourceful and principled.

The arrival of the King of Pentacles indicates that you can translate your vision into something tangible, practical, and often very lucrative. You are the ultimate business owner. You do not merely come up with ideas and hope for the best – you work hard to map out your plan of attack, gather your resources and manifest your goals, often with tremendous success.

REVERSED: Financially inept, obsessed with wealth and status, stubborn, ungrounded male, unsuccessful businessman, corruption, extortion, instability, poor judgement, gambler, collapse of an empire, bankruptcy, underqualified, broke, slob, materialistic, greedy, hasty decisions, disloyal, unfaithful,  unsupportive, discouraging, obstinate, cold, uncaring, ruthless, losing your grip on things.

The King of Pentacles reversed represents losing your grip on things, not reaching your goals or not seeing things through to the end. This card reversed can represent losing your social status, failure or lack of success, being impractical, unprincipled, taking ill-advised risks, making hasty decisions or having poor judgement. 

The King of Pentacles reversed asks you to look at your relationship with money and wealth. Yyou may not be managing your wealth well. You may attract large sums of money through your business enterprises or a high-flying career, but as soon as the cash hits your bank account, it’s on its way out again as you splurge on expensive items or invest in high-risk opportunities. 



Minor Arcana

Cups Chalices, Goblets, Vessels  
Suit Hearts  
Element Water  
Class Clergy  
Faculty Emotions and love  
Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

UPRIGHT: Love, new relationships, compassion, creativity, New beginnings, new romance, happiness, joy, conception, fertility, pregnancy, celebrations, socialising.

With the Ace of Cups, Divine love and compassion are pouring through you. You are a vessel for deep, spiritual love from the Universe, and you can’t help but let that love flow through you and into the world. You receive love, you give love, you ARE love. Your heart overflows.

 When this card appears it indicates that you will be feeling happy, positive and good about yourself. Now is a great time to begin new friendships and get out there and socialise. People will be very receptive, kind and friendly to you with this card appearing in your Tarot reading. It can also be an indication of good news or celebrations coming your way.

REVERSED: Self-love, intuition, sadness, pain, unrequited love, blocked or repressed emotions, infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy issues, breakups, bad news, cancelled celebrations or social events.

The Ace of Cups reversed can indicate sadness, pain or blocked/repressed emotions. It can also signify that you may receive some bad or upsetting news. It can indicate that you may find that you are not in the mood for socialising or meeting new people.

The reversed Ace of Cups could be a sign that you are in connection with your subconscious mind and attuned to your intuition. You are exploring this part of yourself privately right now, and discovering how you can bring more intuition and flow into your life.

Two of Cups

Two of Cups

UPRIGHT: Unified love, partnership, mutual attraction, unity, compatibility, happy couples, potential soulmates, relationships, harmony, balance, equality, attraction, connection, proposals, engagements, marriage, mutual respect.

With this card, you are creating deep connections and partnerships, based on shared values, compassion, and unconditional love. While these relationships are still in the early stages, they have the potential to grow and develop into something deeply fulfilling and rewarding in the long-term.

Two of Cups is a very positive card. While it normally relates to unity and love in romantic relationships it can signify harmony and mutual respect and appreciation in friendships and partnerships.

REVERSED: Self-love, break-ups, disharmony, distrust, disconnection, imbalance, inequality, incompatibility, unhappy couples, arguments, breakups, separation, divorce, ending partnerships, losing friendships, abuse, dominance, bullying.

The Two of Cups Tarot card reversed can indicate a lack of harmony or balance in your life. It can signify that you may fall victim to some form of inequality, abuse or bullying. 

if you don’t love yourself, you’ll end up projecting that lack onto others, becoming clingy and attached, attracting the wrong kinds of relationships to you, or worse, ending up in harmful situations.

Three of Cups

Three of Cups

UPRIGHT: Celebration, friendship, creativity, collaborations, reunions, parties, socialising, gatherings, indulgence, festivals, festivities, gatherings, happiness, wedding, engagement party, graduation, baby shower, happy times.

The Three of Cups is a card of celebration, friendship, sisterhood, and creative collaborations. Your friends and family are here to support you and lift you up to even higher levels of success. Celebrate with them and enjoy their camaraderie.

It can also signify parties, festivals, weddings, engagement parties, baby showers and other similar celebrations. 

REVERSED: Independence, alone time, hardcore partying, ‘three’s a crowd’, over indulgence, gossiping, bitchiness, lack of social life, lack of friends, cancelled celebrations, broken engagements, cancelled weddings, miscarriage, termination, cheating, affairs.

The Three of Cups Tarot card reversed can indicate celebrations being cancelled. This may take the form of a cancelled party, a cancelled wedding or an engagement being broken off to name but a few. The Three of Cups reversed can signify that your social life may be non-existent at the moment or that you’ve grown apart from your friends. 

If you are experiencing high levels of stress or you’ve been working hard, the reversed Three of Cups appears as a message to take some time off to recuperate and gain the support of friends before returning to reality. You may have been working so hard that you’ve lost your connection with your friends and family.

Four of Cups

Four of Cups

UPRIGHT: Meditation, contemplation, apathy, reevaluation, regret, refusing offers, missed opportunities, stagnation, apathy, disillusion, focusing on the negative, self-absorption, depression, boredom, nostalgia, remorse, yearning, frustration, weariness, meditation, day-dreaming, fantasising.

The Four of Cups can appear when you are bored or dissatisfied with your everyday life. You may feel disengaged, apathetic or unmotivated – maybe life has become dull. The Four of Cups invites you to bring your attention inward and re-evaluate your situation to find a deeper meaning in what you do.

The Four of Cups Tarot Card can represent missed opportunities, remorse or regret. It can also signify becoming self-absorbed due to depression, negativity or apathy.

REVERSED: Retreat, withdrawal, checking in for alignment, seizing opportunities, letting go of regret, end of stagnation, motivation, enthusiasm, being proactive, interest, focus, self-awareness, focusing on the positive, gratitude, zest for life, re-energised.

The Four of Cups Tarot card reversed indicates that you are pulling yourself out of the rut you have been in. While your life may have previously felt stagnant, that is now coming to an end.

If you are feeling withdrawn, don’t force yourself to go out. Just ‘be’ in this space, and when you’re ready, start to re-integrate with the world around you. You won’t be a ‘hermit’ forever – it’s just a temporary state of being. Appreciate it and make the most of it.

Five  of Cups

Five of Cups

UPRIGHT: Regret, failure, disappointment, pessimism, sadness, loss, grief, despair, abandonment, guilt, remorse, trauma, bereavement, mourning, heartbreak, unwelcome change, emotional instability, focusing on loss, focusing on negative emotions, isolation, loneliness, emotional baggage, divorce, separation, anger.

The Five of Cups Tarot card can represent sadness, loss, loneliness and despair. When this card appears it indicates that you are focusing on the negative. 

The Five of Cups suggests you’re stuck in the past and can’t let go. Old wounds and bitter memories flood your mind as you think about what happened. You may blame yourself or believe you’re a victim of life’s circumstances. These negative emotions are holding you back from your fullest potential – release them so you can move on and create positive change.

REVERSED: Personal setbacks, self-forgiveness, moving on, moving forward/ moving on, accepting help, healing, forgiveness, re-joining the world, releasing emotions, letting go of grief, letting go of regret or guilt, letting go of sorrow, overcoming despair, releasing emotional baggage, acceptance.

The Five of Cups Tarot card reversed represents acceptance, forgiveness and healing. You have come to terms with your grief and sorrow. You have realised that living the rest of your life in regret, mourning or sadness will not change the past and have accepted that you have to move on with your life.

If you feel guilty or ashamed about what happened, blaming yourself for the mistakes you made, the reversed Five of Cups encourages you to forgive yourself and move on. Know that you did the best you could.

Six of Cups

Six of Cups

UPRIGHT: Revisiting the past, childhood memories, innocence, joy, past influences, yearning, homesickness, nostalgia, reunions, playfulness, youthfulness, creativity, kindness, goodwill, simplicity, childishness, immaturity, sharing, gifts, charity, family, support, protection.

The Six of Cups can represent nostalgia, childhood memories and focusing on the past. When this card appears in a Tarot spread you may be being influenced by past events, reminiscing about the past or thinking about someone from your past. 

The Six of Cups often shows an increased level of harmony and cooperation in your relationships. You are ready to give and receive, without expectation.

REVERSED: Living in the past, forgiveness, lacking playfulness, letting go of the past, focusing on the future, maturity, growing up, leaving home, independence,  rose-tinted view of the past, boredom, lack of creativity, stagnation, being stuck in the past, resolving childhood issues, childhood abuse, stolen innocence, completing therapy/counselling.

The Six of Cups reversed can signify letting go of the past and being ready to move on to the future. It can be an indicator of growing up, becoming more mature or leaving home. It can also indicate letting go of childhood issues or childishness. The Six of Cups reversed can indicate childhood abuse or stolen innocence. 

The reversed Six of Cups may also be a sign you have lost touch with your inner child and life has become boring, repetitive, and ‘stale’. You might be closed off from new opportunities and gifts from the Universe, simply because you are taking on too much of the responsibility and heaviness that come with 'adulting'.

Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups

UPRIGHT: Opportunities, choices, wishful thinking, illusion, lots of options, multiple possibilities, picking and choosing, decisions, procrastination, dreaming, fantasy, illusion, wishful thinking, imagination, hallucinations.

The Seven of Cups is a card of new opportunities, choices, and at times, illusion. You have many options and opportunities from which you can choose. But be careful! You are prone to illusion and unrealistic ideals. An opportunity with promises of more money, more fame, or more power may sound appealing, but as you look deeper into what is on offer, you may realise it’s not everything it’s cracked up to be.

When this card appears, it indicates that you need to make a decision in your life and realistically look at where you are. Take proactive steps to make your situation better rather than fantasising about how you want it to be. Your imagination is a great tool to help you envision your future but it will never happen unless you take action to make it happen.

REVERSED: Alignment, personal values, overwhelmed by choices, reality, clarity, sobriety, poor choices, lack of choice, lack of spiritual growth, feeling trapped, avoiding issues,  decisiveness, reality check,  missed opportunities, focusing on the superficial/materialistic.

As a card of choices and options, the reversed Seven of Cups can mean you are overwhelmed by choice and cannot move forward. Reduce your options and focus on what is important to you.

It can indicate that you are finding clarity and getting back to reality after a period of indulging in fantasies or living in a dream world. You may be finally starting to act decisively and to see the correct path for you clearly, having previously felt indecisive or lost. It represents getting a reality check. Alternately,it can indicate that you may have a lack of options, choices or opportunities or you may be feeling restricted or trapped in some way.

Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups

UPRIGHT: Disappointment, abandonment, withdrawal, escapism, abandoning plans, walking away, letting go, travelling, reaching limit, self-analysis, self-discovery, introspection, looking deeper, looking for the truth, loneliness, leaving a bad situation, emotional strength, courage, fatigue, weariness.

The Eight of Cups suggests you sense that something is missing, particularly on an emotional or spiritual level, and instead of waiting around for things to get better, you know you need to leave that unfulfilling situation.

. The Eight of Cups can also represent the exhaustion or weariness that can prompt such a decision. Strength and courage are necessary to walk away from what you know into an unknown future and these qualities are also represented in the Eight of Cups.

REVERSED: Trying one more time, indecision, aimless drifting, walking away, fear of moving on, stagnation, monotony, accepting your lot, lack of self-awareness, lack of emotional maturity, staying in a bad situation, faking happiness, low self-esteem, lack of self-worth, clinginess, fear of commitment, fear of abandonment.

The Eight of Cups reversed can indicate stagnation. When it appears you may be accepting your lot in life or staying in bad situation that makes you terribly unhappy because you are afraid of moving on or worried about what the future might hold if you leave.

At times, the reversed Eight of Cups can show that you are drifting from one place to the next because you never feel satisfied with staying in one place. “The grass is always greener on the other side”.

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

UPRIGHT: Contentment, satisfaction, gratitude, wishes coming true, realising dreams, happiness, cheerfulness, joy,  fulfilment, positivity, optimism, success, abundance, prosperity, achievements, rewards, confidence, high self-esteem, triumph, celebrating, entertaining, fame, acclaim, recognition, pleasure, sex, sensuality, pampering.

The Nine of Cups Tarot card is a positive card which indicates your wishes will be coming true or your dreams will become a reality. If you have experienced hardship, sorrow or pain recently, this card tells you that the bad times are behind you now and a time of happiness, joyfulness and fulfilment is coming. 

This is why the Nine of Cups is often called the wish card. It comes as a sign that the planets aligned and you have everything you wished for. You could not be happier! If you made your wish and are patiently waiting for it to come to fruition, then this card is an excellent omen that it will soon be granted.

REVERSED: Inner happiness, materialism, dissatisfaction, indulgence, shattered dreams, nightmares, unhappiness, devastation, misery,  lack of fulfilment, negativity, pessimism, disappointment, lack of success/accomplishment, disadvantage, underachieving, unrewarding, low self-esteem, addictions, eating disorders, self-hatred, arrogance, immaturity.

The Nine of Cups reversed is not a great omen as it can represent shattered dreams or wishes turning into nightmares. You may have gotten what you wanted but now find that it’s not how you hoped it would be. Alternately, you may have gotten what you wanted and subsequently lost it and are now feeling the devastation that can bring. The Nine of Cups reversed can represent unhappiness, misery and lack of fulfilment. It can also indicate negativity or pessimism.

The reversed Nine of Cups is a sign that instead of looking outside yourself for your happiness, you should search within. Success and happiness mean different things to different people. So, instead of doing what you think will make other people happy, do what will make you happy.

Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups

UPRIGHT: Divine love, blissful relationships, harmony, alignment, happiness, family,  happy families, reunions, homecomings, family gatherings, marriage, long term relationships, stability, security, abundance, domestic bliss, happy ever after, caring, children, fun, play, creativity, soulmates, fate, destiny, good luck, blessings,  well-being, fulfilment.

The Ten of Cups is the ‘happy family’ card, suggesting that your family relationships are harmonious and loving right now. No one is fighting or causing any tension; all family members are getting along with each other and sharing in the love and happiness that surrounds you.

Now is a time to reap the rewards of your previous hard work. The Ten of Cups Tarot card also represents playfulness and creativity so you may find the fun factor in your life goes up a notch when this card makes an appearance. The Ten of Cups can also signify reunions, home comings or family gatherings so if you have been away from your family, friends or partner or they have gone abroad, you can expect to be reunited with them.  

REVERSED: Disconnection, misaligned values, struggling relationships, unhappy home/family life, dysfunctional family, broken home, lack of security/stability, divorce, separation, conflict, disharmony, lack of teamwork, rocky relationships, keeping up appearances, non-traditional families, not wanting marriage/children, infertility, miscarriage, social services, losing your home, homesickness, isolation, foster families, family secrets, neglect, abuse​.

The Ten of Cups Tarot card reversed is not a great omen. The love, harmony and contentment have disappeared and are replaced with discontent, arguments and conflict. The Ten of Cups reversed can generally refer to an unhappy home life, broken home or dysfunctional family situation. It can indicate family breakdowns, problems within a family, neglect or abuse.

The reversed Ten of Cups can also appear when you are contemplating what a loving relationship means for you. Rather than building relationships with others, you are focusing your attention inward so you can gain clarity around what you want from a relationship.

Princess of Cups

Princess of Cups

UPRIGHT: Creative opportunities, intuitive messages, curiosity, possibility, inner-child, youthfulness, idealism, sensitivity, dreamer, inner-voice, spirituality, psychic, messages, happy news, naivety, crush, admirer, becoming emotionally mature, romantic proposals, engagements, pregnancies, marriages, births, romance, artistic, kindness, loyalty, beauty, fashion, style.

This card often appears when you are being called to trust your intuition and be open to the multitude of intuitive messages coming your way. Look for synchronicities and signs from nature that will guide you on your path. They may come from unexpected places, or they may not even make sense to your rational mind; be open to the possibility and ready to discover new aspects of yourself.

It is a bringer of messages. This can be in the form of happy news, important information, invitations to social events, gossip or the potential for romantic proposals. It can also represent your inner child so don’t take things too seriously when this card appears.

REVERSED: New ideas, doubting intuition, creative blocks, emotional immaturity, childhood issues, sexual abuse, bad news, broken dreams, cancelled social events/engagements/ proposals, bad news, obsession, envy, jealousy, vindictiveness, emotional vulnerability/ immaturity/wounds, becoming sexually active, promiscuity, seduction, ignoring inner voice or inner child, being obsessed with image, attention seeking, childishness.

The Princess of Cups reversed is not a great omen as it can bring bad news. For instance, you could find you fall in love with someone who does not return your feelings or you may find that a social event you have been looking forward to is cancelled. Whatever form this news takes it could possibly cause sadness, disappointment, heartbreak or sorrow.

It can suggests that you are keeping your creative inspirations and ideas secret. You may worry that others will steal your idea or tell you it’s destined to fail. Instead, you are choosing to keep your plans private so you can develop them further without the influence of others. You may want to wait until you’ve moved out of the conceptual stage before sharing it with others.

Prince of Cups

Prince of Cups

UPRIGHT: Creativity, romance, charm, imagination, beauty, romantic proposals, offers, invitations, taking action, following your heart, chivalry, gentlemanly behaviour, being swept off your feet, charm, attraction, dating, affection, warmth, gentle, caring, sensitive, artistic, imaginative, psychic, graceful, tactful, diplomatic, peace loving, negotiator.

The Prince of Cups appears when you thrive on all things beautiful and are inspired by the many creative outlets available to you. While this Prince is motivated by action. You have dreamed about what it is you want to create and now are moving forward with this dream to make it a reality.

The Prince of Cups can represent proposals, offers, good news and invitations. The news or offers he brings usually carry with them a lot of excitement. They are the kinds of offers or news we hope to receive. This card can be an indication that now is the time to take action and follow your heart or that you are about to get swept off your feet.

REVERSED: Overactive imagination, unrealistic, jealous, moody, unrequited love, heartbreaker, manipulator, one night stand, cheating, deception,  disappointment, revoked offers or proposals, bad news, procrastination, obsession, trouble-making, tantrums, moodiness, turmoil, homosexuality, lack of diplomacy, avoiding confrontation, jumping to conclusions, creative or intuitive blocks.

At times, the reversed Knight of Cups can indicate that you are sulky, moody, and jealous. You may feel frustrated that you are not being given the opportunity to dream and create. You allow your emotions to get the better of you if you are not getting your way.

This Prince reversed can represent revoked offers or proposals, bad news and withdrawn invitations. The news this card brings usually brings with it heartbreak, sorrow or disappointment. The Prince of Cups reversed Tarot card can be telling you not to jump to conclusions or to check your facts before taking action. 

Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

UPRIGHT: Compassionate, caring, emotionally stable, intuitive, in flow, mature emotional female, security, femininity, loving, warmth, sensitivity, kindness, happiness, intuition, romance, loyal, faithful, shy, easily wounded, pretty, beauty, daydreamer, psychic, empath, creative artistic, inspirational, healer, listener, counsellor, supportive, good mother.

The Queen of Cups can generally signify a woman or women in your life who will be supportive and caring towards you. It is also a sign that you should be mindful of how you treat yourself and others or to treat people with compassion and sympathy. She can also indicate that you may be more sensitive than you let on to the outside world and that harsh actions or hurtful comments affect you more than you show to the outside world.

When the Queen of Cups appears in a Tarot reading, you are being asked to trust your intuition and pay attention to your feelings and emotions. Lead with your heart, not your head. Be open to receive the intuitive messages flowing to you, be it through your dreams, meditation or visualisation. And ‘feel the feels’, even if those feelings are tricky or challenging. You are stronger than you know.

REVERSED: Inner feelings, self-care, self-love, co-dependency, emotional immaturity, insecurity, lack of trust, lacking direction,  weak, giving too much, overly-sensitive, needy, shallow, frivolous, silly, self-centred, disorganised, depressed, sulky, smothering, bitter, vengeful, manipulative, spiteful, disloyal, unfaithful,  blocked intuition, stifled creativity.

The Queen of Cups reversed generally indicates emotional immaturity. She can also indicate that you may be feeling overly sensitive, insecure, depressed or sulky. This card reversed warns you to avoid becoming bitter or vengeful if things do not go your way.

The reversed Queen of Cups could mean you are wrapped up in other people’s emotional responses and have created a co-dependent relationship that is not healthy for either party. You may be giving too much of yourself away, receiving little in return.

King of Cups

King of Cups

UPRIGHT: Emotionally balanced, compassionate, diplomatic, calm, caring, friendly, sympathetic, wise, tolerant, diplomatic, balanced, affectionate, romantic, charming, devoted, family orientated, generous, easy going, married man, good husband/partner/father, loyal, faithful, spiritual guide, counsellor.

The King of Cups represents mastery over the realms of emotion, creativity and the unconscious. When this card turns up in a Tarot reading, you have gained control of your feelings and can accept them without allowing them to get the better of you.

 As a person, the King of Cups is caring, affectionate and empathetic. He is a good listener, diplomatic and easy going. He is the type of older male who will give you sound advice and act as a calming influence in your life. He usually has light hair and has few if any enemies as he is well liked and gets along with the majority of people. He may lack the drive to pursue material wealth as he is more focused on the emotional side of life. He is very family orientated.

REVERSED: Self-compassion, inner feelings, moodiness, emotionally manipulative, immature, overly emotional, overwhelmed, anxious, uncaring, unkind, gullible, depressed, cold, repressed, withdrawn, unbalanced, controlling, rape, violence, deviance, affair with married man, cheater, conman, blocked creativity, ruthlessness.

The King of Cups reversed can represent being overly emotional or too sensitive. It can signify a lack of emotional maturity. It can be a sign that you are lacking back bone or are allowing yourself to be too gullible or putting yourself in a position where others can take advantage of you.

The reversed King of Cups could show that you are repressing your emotions and withdrawing from the outside world because you fear what may happen if you were to confront your feelings head-on. Your feelings are bottling up inside you, and you are at risk of an emotional outburst if the pressure gets too much.



Minor Arcana  
Swords Athames, Blades, Daggers  
Suit Spades  
Element Air  
Class Nobility and military  
Faculty Reason  
Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords

UPRIGHT: Breakthroughs, new ideas, mental clarity, success, new plans, intellectual ability, victory, clear thinking, breakthroughs, ability to concentrate, communication, realising the truth, vision, force, focus, intensity, stimulating people and environments, new beginnings, new projects, justice, assertiveness, authority, making the correct decision.

See this card as a sign of encouragement. It says your mind is in 'expansion mode’. You are open to embracing new ideas, craving stimulation, and you’ll jump at the next opportunity to learn something new. You thrive on new ideas, inspiration, original thinking and vision, and you are excited to pursue new opportunities that draw upon your creative and intellectual abilities.

This card signifies communication, vision, force, focus and intensity. It represents making correct decisions, being assertive and justice and authority. The Ace of Swords can indicate good news in relation to legal matters or legal contracts or letters that may be to your benefit.

REVERSED: Inner clarity, re-thinking an idea, clouded judgement, lack of ideas, intellectual inability, failure, hostility, arguments, insults, destruction, confusion, misinformation, memory loss, inability to concentrate, lack of communication, creative blocks, frustration, injustice, hate triumphing over love,  lack of assertiveness, making the wrong decision, lack of stimulation.

The Ace of Swords reversed can represent a lack of ideas, misinformation, confusion and failure. It can also indicate intellectual inability, lack of mental clarity, memory loss and an inability to concentrate. 

Sometimes, the reversed Ace of Swords can be a signal you have an idea that’s not coming to fruition in the way you had hoped, and it’s time to go back to the drawing board. You may still be pursuing an idea that no longer has any meaning for you.

Two of Swords

Two of Swords

UPRIGHT: Difficult decisions, weighing up options, an impasse, avoidance, stalemate, truce, sitting on the fence, cross roads, painful choices, stressful decisions, opposition, facing your fears, being torn between two relationships, divided loyalty, being caught in the middle, denial, blindness, inability to see the truth, avoidance, blocked emotions.

The Two of Swords represents a stalemate, truce or being at a crossroads. It indicates that you are sitting on the fence or struggling to make/avoiding a difficult, stressful or painful decision. Time to face your fears. It can also signify being torn between two loyalties, relationships, situations, offers or people.

The Two of Swords comes as a reminder that many of life’s decisions are difficult ones and rarely come with clear-cut answers. The invitation is to make your choices with your best intentions, fully aware of the possible consequences. Avoidance will lead to greater conflict and stagnation.

REVERSED: Indecision, confusion, information overload, stalemate, delays, postponements, seeing the truth, lies being exposed, overwhelming fears/worry/ anxiety/ stress, overly cautious, emotional turmoil, mental turmoil, holding onto anxiety or resentment, emotional detachment, emotional coldness, being emotionally guarded.

The Two of Swords reversed represents indecision, delays or postponement. It indicates that fear, worry, anxiety or stress is overwhelming you and you may be experiencing emotional or mental turmoil as a result leading to an inability to make a decision. It can also represent holding onto resentment or anxiety and being overloaded with more information that you can handle. 

The reversed Two of Swords is inviting you to listen to your intuition about this difficult decision. You may need to cut off from the external world temporarily so you can hear your inner voice and allow your wisdom to come through.

Three of Swords

Three of Swords Meaning

UPRIGHT: Heartbreak, emotional pain, sorrow, grief, hurt, betrayal, loneliness, removal, absence, division, depression, separation, sadness, heartache, unhappiness, upheaval, disorder, confusion, alienation, loss, distraction, ill-health, conflict, disillusion, trauma, serious misunderstandings, tears.

Three of Swords can signify that you are feeling deeply hurt and disappointed. Your heart has been pierced by the sharp blades of others' hurtful words, actions and intentions, and they have inflicted intense emotions of pain, sadness, grief, and heartbreak. These events are often unexpected and come out of the blue, making them even more painful.

This card is also about emotional release. If you have a tendency to bottle up your emotions and just carry on, this shows you it is now the time to have a good cry and let go of those pent up emotions.

REVERSED: Negative self-talk, releasing pain, optimism, forgiveness, overcoming depression, overcoming grief/ sorrow/ sadness, recovering from heartbreak, reconciliation, compromise, sharing problems, getting over the worst, repressing emotions, inability to let go of pain, suppressing memories, refusing to let go of emotions.

When this card is reversed it usually means that you are finally starting to get over heart-break, grief or some other loss. It is time for healing and letting go out those debilitating feelings and emotions.

It can also mean that you are reconciliating with someone from the past who hurt you emotionally, it is time to talk through what happened and heal from it so you can move on.

Four of Swords

Four of Swords

UPRIGHT: Rest, relaxation, meditation, contemplation, recuperation, fear, anxiety, stress, feeling overwhelmed, mental overload, needing solitude, relaxation, rest, peace and quiet, sanctuary, meditation, regrouping, hospitalisation, introspection, planning for the future, self-protection, spiritual counselling or support, having faith.

The Four of Swords represents fear, anxiety and stress. You will be feeling overwhelmed and mentally overloaded when it appears. This card tells you that the issues you are facing are actually not as bad as you believe them to be and there are solutions available. However, it suggest that you are allowing negativity to set in and becoming so overwhelmed that you cannot see the woods for the trees. This card is more to do with your mental state than any problems you are facing.

The Four of Swords suggests the need for seclusion. You need solitude to negotiate your situation and time apart from others to gather your thoughts and feelings.This card suggests your need to spend time alone to re-evaluate your life. Solitude, although often difficult to bear, is necessary for you to recharge your batteries and rejuvenate your spirit.

REVERSED: Exhaustion, burn-out, deep contemplation, stagnation, finding mental strength, awakening, re-joining the world, coming out of isolation, recovering slowly, healing, mental breakdown, restlessness, not taking care of yourself, lack of self-protection, not accepting counselling or support, losing faith.

The Four of Swords reversed represents awakening and finding mental strength. You will be coming out of isolation after a period of solitude or mental overload and re-joining the world. This card tells you that you are slowly recovering and that healing is possible.

The Four of Swords reversed can show that you are restless and wanting to do everything at once. Even if your body is telling you that you need to rest and relax, your mind may push you forward, trying to carry out a long list of tasks and making you sick or stressed as a result.

Five of Swords

Five of Swords Meaning

UPRIGHT: Conflict, disagreements, competition, defeat, winning at all costs, surrender, change, walking away, self-sacrifice, self-sabotaging behaviour, deception, lack of communication, aggression, bullying, intimidation, abuse, violence, victory, fighting back, overcoming challenges, hostility, stress.

This card often shows up when you have had some kind of conflict and are feeling defeated and low about the whole sitation.

It can also be a warning to choose your battles wisely. Sometimes it is better to walk away than to risk the humilation of defeat.

REVERSED: Reconciliation, making amends, past resentment, peaceful resolution, moving on, compromise, communication, ending conflict, releasing stress, overcoming challenge, major sacrifice, relentless, revenge, escalating violence, regret, remorse, humiliation, shame, not heeding warnings , surrendering to challenges.

Is a conflict following you around like a bad smell? Are you trying to removed yourself from the situation but it keeps coming back and pulling you into all the drama? This card often comes up at times like this.

This card can also mean an old conflict is about to come back to haunt you.

Six of Swords

Six of Swords

UPRIGHT: Transition, change, rite of passage, releasing baggage, calmer waters, healing, progress, moving on, moving forward, things calming down, calm after a storm, overcoming hardship, relief, stability, escaping, running away, journeys, travelling, travel overseas, going on holiday, feeling deflated, lethargy, carrying negativity, spirit guides, guidance, support.

The Six of Swords represents progress, moving into calmer waters, moving on or moving forward. It is a Minor Arcana card of overcoming hardship, healing, relief and stability so you can expect problems in your life to settle down and things to be much easier to deal with. 

The Six of Swords shows that you are in a state of transition, leaving behind what was familiar and moving towards the unknown. You might be moving house, leaving a relationship, changing jobs, going through a rite of passage or a mental shift. This change may be your own doing or forced upon you, and you may feel sad to leave behind what is so familiar to you. However, you know this move is essential for your growth and personal development. 

REVERSED: Personal transition, resistance to change, unfinished business, trouble coming, out of frying pan into fire, lack of progress, slow healing, trapped, delay, stuck, overwhelmed, causing trouble, rocking the boat, changing/ abandoned plans, standing your ground, nowhere to run, stormy relationships, instability, disrupted/cancelled travel, return from travel, eloping, floods, accidents in the water.

The Six of Swords reversed represents moving into troubled waters, lack of progress and jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. It is a feeling of being stuck, trapped overwhelmed, restricted and having nowhere to run or choosing to stand your ground.

The Six of Swords reversed can indicate that you know you need to make a change or transition in your life but are reluctant to do so. You may hope that the issue will go away on its own and you won’t need to wrangle with this difficult decision. 

Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

UPRIGHT: Betrayal, deception, getting away with something, acting strategically, trickery, cheating, theft, underhanded, scheming, dangerous/risky behaviour, enemy masquerading as friend, spying, lack of conscience, strategy, resourceful, flexible, escaping detection, getting away with it, adaptable, courage, daring, sharp wit, mental manipulation, cunning, overly rational.

The Seven of Swords indicates theft, betrayal, deception and trickery. You may be trying to get away with something and are sneaking around behind other people’s backs, hoping to go undetected. If you are lucky, you might get away with your secret intact. But if you are unlucky, others will soon find out what you have done, causing you shame and embarrassment.

 This card also signifies mental manipulation, tactics, scheming, cunning, enemies who masquerade as friends and spies in your camp. It is a card of dangerous or risky behaviour, daring, courage and staying ahead of the game. It can also represent flexibility, adaptability, sharp wit, resourcefulness, being strategic or being overly rational. This Tarot card can also signify underhanded behaviour, theft, burglary, fraud, dodgy deals and a general lack of conscience.

REVERSED: Imposter syndrome, self-deceit, keeping secrets, Confessing, coming clean, turning over new leaf, conscience kicking in, ignoring warnings, pathological liar, serial cheat, slander, dangerously two-faced, malicious, con artist, blackmail, unworkable strategy, being outsmarted, getting caught, running away from consequences, coward, no backbone, stealing credit, military.

The Seven of Swords reversed often appears reversed when you feel like a fraud and are suffering from ‘imposter syndrome’. You may doubt yourself and your abilities.

It can also signify coming clean and one’s conscience kicking in so if you have done something you are not proud of you may find yourself confessing and turning over a new leaf. It can represent careers in the military or security.

Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords

UPRIGHT: Negative thoughts, self-imposed restriction, imprisonment, victim mentality, feeling trapped, backed into a corner, hands tied, victimised, paralysed by fear/terror, anxiety, feeling pressure, hopeless, helpless , powerless, silenced, crisis, dilemma, drama, imprisonment, punishment, slavery, persecution, judgement, trial by jury, consequences, negative attitudes, psychological issues, major weight-loss.

When the Eight of Swords appears in a Tarot reading, it comes as a warning that your thoughts and beliefs are no longer serving you. You may be over-thinking things, creating negative patterns or limiting yourself by only considering the worst-case scenario. The more you think about the situation, the more you feel stuck and without any options. It is time to get out of your head and let go of those thoughts and beliefs holding you back.

The Eight of Swords can represent feeling trapped, confined, restricted or backed into a corner or having your hands tied. It signifies fear, terror, anxiety and psychological issues. It is a Minor Arcana card of hopelessness, helplessness, powerlessness, slavery, persecution and being silenced or censored.

REVERSED: Self-limiting beliefs, inner critic, releasing negative thoughts, open to new perspectives, escape, freedom, release , finding solutions/options, relief, taking control, standing up to abuse, self-belief, survivor, facing fears/ truth, releasing anxiety, hopeful, empowered, healing, mental strength, clear mind, overcome obstacles, prison release, end of punishment, severe depression, paralysis, oppression, surrender.

The Eight of Swords reversed suggests that limiting self-beliefs plague you, preventing you from moving forward. You may tell yourself that you do not deserve to be wealthy, preventing yourself from receiving financial abundance even if it’s offered to you.

 the Eight of Swords reversed can represent release, freedom, escape and finding solutions and options. It signifies relieving pressure, releasing anxiety and facing fears and truths. It can mean self-belief, ignoring criticism, standing up to abuse and taking back control.

Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords

UPRIGHT: Anxiety, worry, fear, depression, nightmares, terror, negativity, deep unhappiness, stress, burden, overwhelmed, at breaking point, inability to cope or face life, mental anguish, guilt, regret, remorse, focusing on past, subject of gossip, isolation, making mountains out of molehills, joylessness, despair, insomnia, hormonal, menopause, migraines.

This card is not an indication of negative events actually happening, just that your fear and anxiety levels are so high they are making you feel that things are worse than they are.

The Nine of Swords reminds you that much of the fear and worry you are experiencing is in your head and not necessarily an accurate reflection of what is happening around you. You may make things worse for yourself by over-thinking or obsessing over the worst-case scenarios. It is time to examine your situation from a new perspective.

REVERSED: Inner turmoil, deep-seated fears, secrets, releasing worry, light at end of tunnel, recovering, improving, letting go of negativity/stress, learning to cope, facing life, opening up, accepting help, extreme guilt/regret/ remorse/shame, scandal/malicious gossip, night terror, total collapse/breakdown, hallucinations, giving up, depression/ problems/fears escalating, self-pity/loathing.

 The Nine of Swords reversed represents seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after dark times. When reversed, it is a card of recovering from depression or mental illness or issues improving, letting go of negativity, releasing stress and learning to cope. It signifies opening up, accepting help and facing life. Alternatively, this card can signify a worsening of the issues, depression, problems or fears associated with the upright card.

You may try to keep your worries private and personal to you, but if you are struggling to keep your head above water, it may now be time to confide in others and seek their help and support. Others will offer you a new perspective, or even just a place to vent, that will ease some of the stress and tension.

Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords

UPRIGHT: Painful endings, deep wounds, betrayal, loss, crisis, backstabbing, enemies, bitching, badmouthing, bitterness, doormat, failure, ruin, collapse/breakdown, exhaustion, inability to cope, curses, rock bottom, hitting a wall, dead end, severing ties, goodbyes, nail in the coffin, exaggeration, overly dramatic, martyr, attention seeker, playing victim, attack, violence.

The Ten of Swords is not a good omen as it can represent backstabbing betrayal, badmouthing, bitching behind your back, bitterness and enemies. It is a card of failure, ruin, collapse, severing ties, goodbyes and the final nail in the coffin of a relationship or situation. 

The Ten of Swords can suggest that you are taking on the role of ‘victim’ hoping others will pity you and save you from despair. You cannot change the actions of another person, but you can change how you respond.

REVERSED: Recovery, regeneration, resisting an inevitable end, rising above problems/haters/bitchiness, over the worst, surviving disaster, being saved, things getting better, NDEs / OBEs, escaping ruin, pulling yourself together,  learning from past hardships, fears coming true, being beyond help, worst is yet to come, despair, total ruin, relapse, problems coming back.

The Ten of Swords reversed can represent things getting better, getting over the worst, surviving/being saved from disaster and escaping ruin. It can mean you are pulling yourself together and learning from past hardships. It can signify something coming back from the brink of death or failure, Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences.

The reversed Ten of Swords encourages you to re-evaluate your circumstances and let go of any aspect of your life that is no longer serving you. Rather than dwelling on your painful past, it is essential to look ahead and realise how these events free you up to reshape your life and choose a new direction for yourself.

Princess of Swords

Princess of Swords

UPRIGHT: New ideas, curiosity, thirst for knowledge, new ways of communicating, delayed news, patience needed, inspiration, planning, vigilance, protective, guarded, fairness, think before you speak, don’t get drawn into arguments, mental agility, using your head,  inquisitive, curious, quick-witted, chatty, communicative, education, petty gossip, being truthful/ direct, speaking out, fighting injustice.

The Princess of Swords often emerges when you are exploring a new way of thinking – a new idea, a new perspective, new knowledge, or a new technique. You have a curious mind and a thirst for knowledge. As you explore this fresh way of thinking, you are asking lots of questions and gathering as much information as possible. 

The Princess of Swords can also represents delayed news, ideas, planning and inspiration. It can also signify being protective, guarded and vigilant. This card may be telling you to be patient, to think before you speak and not to get drawn in unnecessary arguments or conflicts.

REVERSED: Self-expression, all talk and no action, haphazard action, haste, bad/disappointing news, lack of ideas/planning, defensive, player, mind games, paranoid, lack of mental agility, having your head in the clouds, scatterbrain, dim-witted,  nothing to say, cold, sarcastic, cynical, malicious gossip, being blunt/ abrasive, not speaking out, delinquent, lack of education/ learning difficulties.

 The Princess of Swords reversed can represent bad or disappointing news and lack of ideas, planning or inspiration. It can also signify being defensive, cold, vindictive, cynical or sarcastic.

At times, the reversed Princess of Swords can mean that you are all talk and no action. Be careful about making promises you know you cannot keep or saying things you’ll later regret. Before making a specific promise or commitment, make sure that you can and will deliver on it to preserve your integrity and reputation.

Prince of Swords

Prince of Swords

UPRIGHT: Ambitious, action-oriented, driven to succeed, fast-thinking, big changes/opportunities, seize the moment, assertive, direct, honest, quick-wit, talkative, impatient, impulsive, intellectual, daring, rebellious, brave, courageous, focused, single-minded, perfectionist, ambitious, risk-taker, forward-thinking, champion, hero, soldier, go against the flow, leader.

The Prince of Swords reminds you to be assertive in getting what you want. He doesn’t hang back and wait for something to happen. He is always making the first move and actively pursuing his goals. You can harness this energy in your life too by being proactive and forward-thinking. See yourself as the creator of your future and be ready to take the necessary steps to make it happen.

The Prince of Swords is a change card, it tells you that a big change is coming, one you have been awaiting for quite some time and you better be ready to roll with it when it does. It’s time to jump in and seize the moment!

REVERSED: Restless, unfocused, impulsive, burn-out, missed opportunities, out of your depth, out of control, left behind, rude, tactless, hurtful, sarcastic, insincere, forceful, bully, aggressive, vicious, dangerous, know it all, follower, go with the flow, coward, criminal, self-obsessed, arrogant, leading others to danger, heading for a fall, inferiority complex.

The reversed Prince of Swords can also suggest that you need to slow down; otherwise, you are at risk of severe burnout and exhaustion. You want to be involved in everything, but you are not succeeding at anything due to this roving energy. As such, you are accomplishing very little and growing more tired by the day. Take some time out so that you can first ground yourself, gather your thoughts and concentrate on only the top priorities.

This card can also represent being out of control, leading others to trouble or danger and heading for a fall. It can signify being insincere, self-obsessed, rude, tactless, hurtful, sarcastic or cynical so remember to be mindful of the words you use and their effects on others when this card appears in your Tarot reading.

Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

UPRIGHT: Independent, unbiased judgement, clear boundaries, direct communication, honest, truthful, candid, protective, chatty, communicative, witty, funny, principled, fair, constructive criticism, strong, quirky, realistic, objective, discerning, problem solver, sceptical, intelligent, sharp wit, self-reliant, open-minded, sophisticated, mother, repressed pain or sadness, divorced, hard knocks.

The Queen of Swords notes that you are a truth-seeker. You are open to hearing the thoughts and opinions of others, but ultimately, you filter that information to decipher what is true and what is not. When interacting with others, you will not tolerate mistruths or excessive ‘fluff’. You prefer to get to the heart of the matter without engaging in too much chit-chat or gossip.

This Minor card signifies being realistic, discerning or sceptical and it can signify that you will receive constructive criticism from someone and you would do well to listen to it. It can also represent open-mindedness and self-reliance. 

REVERSED: Overly-emotional, easily influenced, bitchy, cold-hearted, overly critical, pessimistic, lack of empathy, rude, malicious gossip, manipulative, harsh, bitter, spiteful, vindictive, nasty, cruel, deceitful, cheater, unforgiving, scatter-brain, mental fogginess, poor communication, dysfunctional, obsessive, dependant, not learning from past, absent mother, repressed trauma, infertile.

The reversed Queen of Swords suggests that your relationships are clouding your usually clear vision. You are allowing others to dominate you and negatively affect your ability to make decisions. 

This card can signify that an older or mature female in your life may try to drag you down by spreading malicious gossip about you or being overly critical of you. It can also be an indication that you are feeling dependent on others or not getting the freedom and independence you crave.

King of Swords

King of Swords

UPRIGHT: Mental clarity, intellectual power, authority, truth, structure, routine, intelligent, rational, logical, power, strength, manners, conversation, discerning, detached, cool, honesty, integrity, ethics, morals, clinical, stern, methodical, self-discipline, head over heart, use your head, military, law enforcement, legal matters, judge, father.

The King of Swords is a symbol of intellectual power and authority and has the courage and intellect to achieve all that he desires. When this card appears in a Tarot reading, you are in your power, ruling from a place of authority and respect. You stand firm in your truth and express yourself with deep conviction. As a result, others pay attention to what you have to say.

This card signifies logic and reason, integrity, ethics and morals. The King of Swords can represent legal matters, law enforcement, military, police and judges.

REVERSED: Quiet power, inner truth, misuse of power, manipulation, lack of structure/routine, intelligence used in a bad way, irrational, illogical, power-crazed, dictator, oppressive, inhumane, aggressive, brutal, violent, intimidation, controlling, cynical, cold, ruthless, weak, powerless, rude, dishonest, lack of integrity/morals/discipline, losing your head, judgemental, absent father.

The King of Swords reversed can represent lack of structure, routine, self-discipline, power or authority. When reversed it is a card of not using your head or losing your cool. Alternatively, it can represent being power hungry, inhumane or a tyrant. This card reversed signifies a lack of logic, reason, integrity, ethics or morals.

An inverted King of Swords can represent someone who is very intelligent and likes to show off to others about how smart he is by using big words or discussing lofty topics about which no one else knows much. He may be cutting in his words, critical of others, and stern in his manner.