We are a group of Alchemists & Magi, who have spent many years perfecting our potions, elixirs, incenses, sigils and charms. We are now offering them to you. We also offer unusual gift and ritual items, handmade artisan pieces that are unique and created with love, care and great attention to detail.

The knowledge of Alchemy has been passed down in the underground stream for thousands of years. People tend to associate it purely with the medieval era, not realising that our families have been practising it since ancient times.

The Alchemical Salamander

The clue to the Children of the Serpent families or those with Dragon Blood, has always been the serpent, dragon or salamander. It is displayed on family coats of arms of those from this bloodline. Before you start thinking 'David Icke was right, they are shape-shifting reptiles!' I will explain.

The Salamander represents the Higher Self overcoming the lower animal nature; the awakening, evolution, progress, enlightenment, and salvation - this is the Philosopher's Stone. The stone has benefits, and is NOT limited to: