How to use these oils.

You should never diffuse your essential oils into the air with a tea light candle diffuser! If you are using quality essential oils, you will waste them with this method of diffusion. The heat from the candle is too hot for volatile essential oils. They might smell nice with a candle burner, but they will burn off quick and not give you the maximum benefit.

If you do want to use a candle burner, melt some unscented wax into the bowl and then put a few drops of the oil into that, it will prevent it from burning off so quickly.

These oils can be used on the skin because they are blended in Jojoba oil, olive oil or another type of carrier oil depending on the recipe. Always test a small area first, you never know when you might be sensitive to certain types of essential oils. They are also used to anoint ritual items and candles for ceremonies. Please do not use these oils if you are pregnant.

All ingredients are 100% organic and high quality. Some of the oils contain very rare expensive ingredients and this is why some of the oils are more expensive than others.

Most of the blends are from our bloodline families grimoires and the recipes have been perserved exactly how they made in ancient times. Some are newer with blends that we have discovered ourselves in more recents times.

Most of these oils are made fresh when you order them, so please be patient when you are waiting for them to dispatched. We are careful to create them under the right conditions including; the Moon phase, the day of the week and the hour of the day. Some are only created once a year under certain ceremonial conditions and if we are running low on that oil and you order it we will let you know how long it is likely to take before we can create it for you.