We run a Gnostic Church Seminary, which on completion of the lower levels Aspirants are considered for membership to the Inner Order Ordo Infinitus Orbis. Tau Tia also gives private lessons or can be booked for radio shows and live events.

For more information please see the following:

The Church is now open again and taking in new Clergy: http://churchsmsj.org

Book Tau Tia For Your Events: http://www.templeoftheola.org/talks.html




Private consultations and training are available with Tau Tia. Because these are for you only they will be directed purely at your own path. Your first thorough consultation will be an assessment to see exactly where you are on your spiritual journey and you will be given various magick training exercises to perform on your own. Ceremonies, correspondences, Kabbalah and mediations will be taught to you. All will help you go further on your path towards illumination. Consultations are also available just for you to ask questions of your own to Tau Tia directly.


Email Consultation 3 Questions - 75


First hour session on Skype - 150


Each hour after that - 100

Groups also taught with prior arrangement.